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Been Skunked on a Cougar Hunt
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prezboys 30-Jan-16
Guardian Hunter 30-Jan-16
Nick Muche 30-Jan-16
FullCryHounds 30-Jan-16
kota-man 30-Jan-16
Bill in MI 30-Jan-16
GhostBird 31-Jan-16
bradbear 31-Jan-16
N-idaho 31-Jan-16
Bear Track 31-Jan-16
Mtgoat 31-Jan-16
Kurt 31-Jan-16
Halibutman 31-Jan-16
Shrewski 31-Jan-16
PAstringking 31-Jan-16
Huntcell 29-Apr-16
Scar Finga 29-Apr-16
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Hawkeye 29-Apr-16
grizzlyhunter 30-Apr-16
Fuzzy 03-May-16
hdaman 03-May-16
Shiras 04-May-16
From: prezboys
Been seeing a few reports coming across the western states that the area Quotas are still in place for many cougar zones. Yet the kills in those same zones are lagging and not even getting filled in some years. Many guys have done several cougar hunts and didn't tag on a mature Tom. Some Guys having to make the hunt 3 times before getting it done. Home many of you have gone this year or last and not filled out? I know that many outfitters in WY are having a real hard time just cutting a track.

It happened to my buddy and I in Colorado. We didn't have any snowfall and could not cut a track.

From: Nick Muche
I think Bou Bound was skunked. He hasn't posted since day 2 or 3 of his hunt. Maybe he's still hunting?


Bou killed a very nice Tom on day 6.

From: kota-man
Guessing Grant has other "obligations" for his story...

From: Bill in MI
There's always more than one type of cougar hunt going down

From: GhostBird
Yeah Bill, but most of the other cougar hunts are catch & release ;)

From: bradbear
My buddy got skunked for second year in a row where I got mine in wy.

From: N-idaho
i think i would mount that cougar

From: Bear Track
Ghostbird... no taxidermy bills attached either.

From: Mtgoat
It took three tries, but this year, I finally got my cat. It was near Meeker, CO. It was hard, only in the sense that the snow was kneed-deep to hip-deep. Dogs were turned loose roughly mid-morning and had the cat treed a couple of hours later. It took two hours to get to it.

From: Kurt
I spent 5 winters in CO trying to get my second Tom before it happened. We had several open winters with no snow to speak of during that time frame. We also would find tracks going the wrong way onto land we couldn't hunt, small tracks, or would turn out on a Tom and not tree him due to melted out snow, etc. It is nowhere near the gimme hunt that many think it is. We put in some long days behind hounds with nothing to show except tired legs back at the truck long after dark. Anyway, good luck to all the cat hunters out there! On the other hand my first one was easy...great conditions, the cat going into a huge ranch we could hunt, and a nice Tom bayed up on a ledge a few hours later. You never know until it over.

From: Halibutman
It took me 27 total days.

From: Shrewski
I'm at 25 days and counting.

First trip to Idaho, cut one set of tracks in 6 days, late Febuary hunt.

The outfitter said " give me another chance" and if you can be on call, better yet.

I was on call, fresh snow, shot my Tom on day 3.

It's hunting, just kept after it.

From: PAstringking
Took me 6 days and 2 sets of fresh tracks.

Two friends have a combined 4 hours into their lion hunting career

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Not a big fan of snow. Hard enough for a flat lander to negotiate the mountains without snow, so I went with a dry-ground outfitter in southern Utah passed a small track the first and fifth day finally seventh morning cut a nice one six hours latter shot him out of a big cottonwood. Was iffy for awhile as the cat went accross this big boulder field, the scent doesn't hold well on smooth rocks with the sun out, tough for dogs but they finally figured it out. A buddy went a few years latter was done in three days, again no snow. They do get snow in the area and then its a walk in the park for those dry ground dogs!!!

From: Scar Finga
Great looking Mount Huntcell! Congratulations!

From: g5smoke21
Took me about 4 hrs to kill my tomm on day 1 in colorado

From: Hawkeye
Two trips to Utah and two in Alberta before cutting a track we could run.

Been waiting 2 years now for them to get get good tracking snow in the area my guide hunts in Colorado.

From: Fuzzy
ah yes, the famous Skunk-Cougar!

From: hdaman
5 days and counting. Not disappointed all as I did get to experience everything but the shot (my choice). Can't wait to go again!

From: Shiras
12 days for me in Utah. Last day of the second hunt.

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