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Mountain Goat combo hunt
Mountain Goat
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Muley 31-Jan-16
Cajunarcher 31-Jan-16
MTNRCHR 01-Feb-16
Ken 02-Feb-16
Db1 02-Feb-16
TD 02-Feb-16
Mule Power 03-Feb-16
From: Muley
Looking for a Mountain goat hunt with maybe a combo for grizzly bear, mountain caribou or whatever might be available. I have a couple outfitters in mind but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations that they would like to share. I have used the search option on bowsite and have found a couple of options as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

From: Cajunarcher
Babine outfitters is a great place to take an archery goat and a black bear for sure!

PM sent.

From: Ken
Sugar Valley Outfitters offers mountain caribou on their mountain goat hunts. I did not hunt with them but they were on my short list when I was booking a mountain goat hunt.

From: Db1
I second sugar valley .. A mooseor caribou/goat combo could be done.. But on any goat hunt, I would focus on goat first..have fun

From: TD
" I would focus on goat first.."

Yeah... I guess you could say it would be all downhill from there..... heheheheh....

From: Mule Power
Look up Jasper. He had an incredible goat/moose/elk combo hunt a year or 2 ago.

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