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Heads up for TICKS.
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From: Boris
Well, I know that it is early. But, with all the warm weather, I thought it would be better to post early. I know that here in the north we are having a very mild winter. Not sure how the south is fairing. But, I know people are getting out an looking for turkeys or sheds. Just make sure you guys check yourselves.

From: Glunt@work
Permethrin! I hunt a place with a ton of the little buggers and haven't had one get me in the last 5 or so years since using it. Use as directed.

Went for a walk early yesterday morning, 25 degree temps. And had one crawling on my hand. Not good....

Hadn't treated anything yet this year, but that will change. And yes treat your clothes with permethrin and let them dry. Works wonders, I retreat mine about every three weeks.

From: trkyslr
Warm weather???? Where have you been.... 90 percent of the country has been freezing. But a good heads up most springs

From: Boris
Well, 50-60 degrees in NW Pa. at this time of year is warm.

From: Surfbow
Warm weather?! I skied in -20s yesterday!

From: Butcher
We had some warm weather here about 2 weeks ago, 75 one day, found one crawling along my arm.

From: Mad_Angler
I second permethrin. I like the Sawyer soak kit. But that is hard to get now. I hear that the spray works just as well.

Now is a good time wihtout a lot going on. Order your permithrin now. Then, treat a full set of turkey clothes (socks, pants, tshirt, shirt, facemask, gloves, and hat).

When the season finally gets here, you'll be all set...

From: MNRazorhead

MNRazorhead's embedded Photo
MNRazorhead's embedded Photo
I always forget the rule: is a wet or dry year that will produce more ticks?

I think it will be a while before they are out in MN.

From: sir misalots
Ticks were out all year Picked em up in deer gun season. I swear I never got ticks when I was a kid like I get them now waddup with that

Permethrin works well for me.

From: Rayzor
Yes Permethrin. Tuck pants legs in boots or tape around them to your boots. Several of my friends and my sister have found they have Lyme disease after having all sorts of agian off again ailments for years.. You dont want it.

From: Cornpone
I bought a bottle of permethrin 36.8% concentrate from Amazon, then dilute it to .5%. Prior to spring turkey I hang all clothes, head nets, hat, gloves etc. on the line and thoroughly wet them down.

From: dapper
I as well have great luck with permethrin. Don't go into the woods without pants sprayed with this stuff. In probably 10 years I've had only one tick on me since religiously using this stuff. That tick was up near my belly area, I usually just spray my pants, but if I get any more higher up I'll have to spray my outer jacket/shirt. Before I started using it I had ticks quite often.


From: bill brown
I just buy the spray a Wally World. Pretty inexpensive and very effective. I spray pants boots tops of socks, shirt or jacket if used, and cap.

From: writer
Permethrin! X10

We're working on a sizable feature on tick-borne illnesses...and it's some very, very scary stuff that's changing ever year.

Some of the stories these poor people tell are so sad...battling it for 18 years, having to mortgage the house for treatment since insurance doesn't cover it, 28 year-old athlete who hasn't been able to move around for more than a couple of hours at a time four years after he got it,...and some of the cognitive problems border on Alzheimer's-like problems.

One single tick can carry up to four diseases at the same time..

Wanna hear more?

Me neither, but we gotta keep researching. :-)

From: Boris
It's that time to hunt. Remember to check yourselves for the Ticks.

From: Burly
I have had two on me so far this year and the wife has had one. The one on her was attached to her right arm. We pulled it off and sure enough she got a bullseye rash around the bite site. She went to the doc and they put her on a antibiotic. Hopefully she will be alright.

I got nailed 2 weeks ago and it still looks like I got punched in the kidney. Bastards.

Bumper crop....

Sir misalot: Yotes and ticks, both a product of the exploding deer population. C

From: writer

I sincerely hope your wife's Dr. put her on a lengthy take of antibiotics.

We've talked to too many people, for a big article, that didn't get enough early on.

These ticks are some serious stuff, and Lyme is only part of the attack.

From: MNRazorhead
I know someone up her in MN that has already contracted Lyme disease. Woods are already starting to green up - very early.

From: Burly
Her doc put her on a 21 day supply of antibiotics. Thanks for letting us know. She will check with her doctor and see about it. My doc just shrugged when I asked to be tested for lymes. I felt maybe it was causing most of my health issues, So I am searching for a new doctor.

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