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From: Doc
Anyone used these guys for a float trip moose hunt?

Head over to the Alaska forums (the other website not bowsite) and you'll get plenty of answers. I called him several times as a buddy and I are going, but we decided to go another route than a true float hunt.

From: Mule Power
I've talked with Larry many times. Rented an inflatable from him last year. He has some good hunt plans. Make sure you specify exactly what kind of float you want. The river class specifically. He specializes in some "skinny water" trips.

I know a guy that bought a float trip plan and the area is very good.

From: junobow
I rented rafts from him two years ago, but did not use any of his other services. The equipment was good and well cared for, it was delivered on time, and we had to leave it at the flight service after hours for him to pick up the next day. No problems. He answers his phone and seems like a good guy and very knowledgeable. I would certainly rent from him again.

From: 406elkchasr
Larry is a very solid guy. I had the good fortune of meeting him last year. Just an all around good guy to talk to and deal with. He is about ensuring you have a great trip rather than just taking your money.I also have experience dealing with another float hunt planner in Alaska and there is no question I would work with Larry without hesitation.

From: Mule Power
Ditto that. Great communication and my gear was on time as promised. When I shipped it back to Fairbanks Ravn Air screwed up but Larry took care of it and I didn't have to do anything.

Also....somehow when I got in the bush there happened to be 4 of the small propane bottles inside my raft. I do recall mentioning to him that I could really use some but didn't want to pay haz mat fees to ship them. (grin)

I'd use Larry again in a heartbeat and I'd also buy a hunt plan if I needed one. He knows a ton of country.

Side note: His TAG Bags are the Cadillac of game bags.

From: DonVathome
Love his TAGS bags, talked with him a few times and heard nothing but good stuff.

From: steveo
I bought his book, float dragging Alaska. A great read if you are thinking about float hunting.

From: 406elkchasr
I would highly recommend his DVDs as well.

From: 76aggie
We are renting a raft from him this September and going on one of his suggested trips. He is a great guy and very accommodating. We were supposed to go through him last year but medical issues ensued. He let us carry over the hunt to this year. I have friends who have used him in the past and they have no problem recommending Larry.

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