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NM sheep? outfitter or not for non-res?
Wild Sheep
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From: flyingbrass
NM sheep? outfitter or not for non-res? I know 2 years ago they didn't give out any non-res tags in the draw. Any thoughts on this years process?

From: bigeasygator
What is the current tag allocation now (I haven't looked at the regulations this year yet!)?

84:10:6. Res:guided:NR

Last year guided had much better,but still dismal odds.

From: bentstick

bentstick's embedded Photo
bentstick's embedded Photo
They did give out a couple of non-res tags two years ago(I got one), although the draw that year was really screwed up. Odds are better applying with an outfitter. The odds are still terrible; they are terrible anywhere. I hunted with Bill Lewellen.

From: KTH
Holy cow Bentstick! That is one awesome, fine looking......hat!

10% is more than 6%.

Last year they issued 1 Rocky & 1 Desert NR Ram tag

and 2 Rocky & 2 Desert Guided Ram tags.

The # of NR and Guided applicants for the Desert tags was nearly identical. So your odds guided are about 2X better (2 tags vs. 1), I thought it would be higher than that.

Data is on this page if you want to wade through them, "odds and reports" tab.

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