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Axis Buck help
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Bow5 05-Feb-16
drycreek 05-Feb-16
TD 05-Feb-16
Rayzor 06-Feb-16
From: Bow5

Bow5's embedded Photo
Bow5's embedded Photo
Got this big guy coming in. Not an expert on axis. Any idea how big you think he will get? Also any ideas besides alfalfa to keep him coming in consistently?

From: drycreek
I'll bet money his backstrap is ready to pull ! :)

From: TD
Tough angle to tell. Side view would be better. He has a bit more to grow on the main beams I'd think.

Have no idea about what bait. I do think that axis are more closely related to elk than say a whitetail deer. They are mostly grazers like elk (which explains their good eatin') rather than browsers like deer. They herd up more like elk. Even their rut is closer to elk.

Have never baited em, but at times have had luck with different mineral blocks if there are no cattle on the place. Pretty spooky animals, sometimes takes weeks or months for them to hit the blocks, but once they do it can be helpful to keep them in the area. Where we hunt here it is mostly small areas. Helpful to the herd as well, we don't have an abundance of minerals here.

From: Rayzor
Not sure about using on Axis but I know Big and J has attraction power on whitetails unlike anything I've tried.

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