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CO Unit 40 - Opinions
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From: delkslayr
I am considering hunting unit 40 this year. I have been doing research on the unit and know it is mostly private but would like opinions, from people who have hunted it in the last few years, to see if it is worth it or not. I have personally hunted all over the state (including unit 76 twice, and many otc units) but have never shot a nice (300"+) bull. I have shot several decent bulls. Is hunting the public areas going to give me a good chance at a 300" bull? Any advice people are willing to provide is much appreciated.

I was in 40 several years ago. It was very tough. My friend and I hunted very hard and saw a few great Bulls. I thought about trying to go back but there were too many draw backs for me. I was thinking about it again. I still have the same issues. The FS area gets hit very hard. The year we were there a lot of guys were riding horses through the FS area shooting handguns. I thought they were from surrounding private trying to drive the elk off FS but I can't prove that. Could have been a bunch (12 plus) guys decided to ride horses while randomly shooting into the air. I Never saw them shoot at anything but the random shots into the air

There was also a group of local guys who were into trad gear who were doing elk drives. They would put a guy on a point and the guys who didn't draw would push the hills past the point. They said they had gotten elk that way in the past but it put a lot of pressure on the area.

The year we were there a significant snow storm came through. We hiked most of the FS and never cut a fresh track. We dropped down by the camp ground (I think it was mud springs) and got into a few elk.

Long story short...very little area that gets hit HARD. There are a few great elk in that unit but it was not a fun hunt for me. I have thought about going back and paying a trespass fee. I think that would be the only way I would go back to 40 for elk.

Now for deer or bear. That is an entire different thread:)

From: delkslayr
400 ELK. I appreciate the response. I have gotten such mixed reviews on the unit. I have also heard that the private guys do hassle the hunters some times, as you experienced. I am trying to find out who would let us pay a trespass fee and see how much it is. Do you have any information on who would let that happen?

From: Chasewild
I've helped two of my buds on 40 archery hunts. One guides in the area and the other is just a hard working hunter.

The guide lost a real nice bull after hunting hard for the full month. Finally, a bull slipped up and came off the private. But after a month of waiting for a good bull to make a mistake, his nerves were a bit frayed and couldn't capitalize.

The second buddy had similar issues. Great bulls in sight, nothing huntable due to the private land puzzle.

If you have time, and I mean the whole month, you might consider doing this hunt. But the public gets hammered and the bulls know exactly what's going on.

The public areas are good,,,,, but your going to need a good pair of boots. The elk aren't going to be anywhere that is easily accessible!!

From: Padfoot
My 2ยข. Pre-scout Hunt at least 2 weeks. I would hunt the opener thru second week. Bring a tree stand. Be prepared for guys and competition in the woods. Don't pass on something you would shoot on the last day. Carry a bear tag. Hunt all-day. Be prepared for joggers and mountain bikers and horse riders. Bring a quad or bike to get to places that everyone else is going to get to anyway so don't worry about the noise. Guys pass on 300ish bulls in 40 and go home empty. Pay for private access if you can afford it, but hunt the public if u can't. Glass the BLM from the roads above and make the long drive if you see a good bull. Go for it and good luck.

From: grasshopper

grasshopper's Link
Just buy Warren Gore's ranch at the link. It's only 35 million. You can hunt annually with the vouchers you can get and have enough left over to invite me.

From: AndyJ
Why oh why couldn't I have been born a rich man or become one with different life decisions???? Did you see that monthly payment? OUCH!

From: delkslayr
Padfoot, thanks for the information. Have you personally hunted it before?

Grasshopper, Ill just pay cash for that place! Haha, I wish...

From: Padfoot
Yes last season. Had a good time and got lucky.

From: MathewsMan
I see some of the Private Bulls out of Unit 40 in my taxidermist's shop each year-, I was told that because the same guy and his friend were buying up all 10 hunts at $10k a piece (even though they only got to shoot 1 elk each), they raised the hunts to $25k and the same guy still bought up the hunts on this particular ranch at the higher price.

From: rershooter
They are the richest because they don't waste time trying to find good elk areas they just pay somebody. They spend all they're time making money

It may be stupid of you to spend that kind of money on elk, but if that's what really matters to them in life and they have money to spare, it's not stupid at all. It's their money to burn.

Rich people give large sums of money away for nothing all the time. Bill Gates gave away Billions to people in Africa. 250 grand is not a lot of money to some people.

"$250K to kill two elk?"

They're not paying 250K to kill two elk. They're paying 250K to have a huge ranch with trophy elk hunting to themselves.

Does anyone has any information about the best private ranches in this area for giant bulls?

From: SDHNTR(home)
2V Ranch. Lawson/Trophy Class Outfitters. Steve Biggerstaff.

They are all probably booked out at least a couple years tho!

Anyone know of a possible Trespass fee opportunity in 40?

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