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SE Kansas Archery Only Season
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olebuck 11-Feb-16
cme2hunt 13-Feb-16
olebuck 15-Feb-16
Nuctech 15-Feb-16
Dagwood_55 05-Mar-16
From: olebuck
Who is going to be hunting in SE kanas april 4th - 12th?

Me and a buddy will be hunting that part of the state on some private land.

holler if you going to be in the area - we can grab lunch or swap lies.

From: cme2hunt
What part of KS. I usually run up there a few times and hunt during the season.

From: olebuck
i'll be hunting close to Chetopa

From: Nuctech
Well it's where I grew up, all my family still lives there. I will be hunting on family land by Thayer. Love to meet up and have lunch and meet a fellow bowsiter and what's turkey hunting without swapping lies lol.


From: Dagwood_55
We hunted SE KS during Turkey bowseason last year and will do the same this year. Never saw another bowhunter and we were hunting public land.

But when we cam back for gun season, that was a different matter. People everywhere and the turkeys shut up. I'm sure it got better in the later part of the season.

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