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Solitude 11-Feb-16
Nick Muche 11-Feb-16
smarba 12-Feb-16
Hugh 12-Feb-16
From: Solitude
A small group of us are flying into Anchorage, or possibly Fairbanks, on our first caribou trip this season.

I am looking for a taxidermist who could possibly do a euro mount, with detachable antlers(?), in the Anchorage area for us? Anyone have any suggestions of who I might reach out to?

I am also open to alternate suggestions on the best way to pull off a euro mount, keeping in mind we are flying back on Alaska Airlines. I guess perhaps we could cut off the antlers, clean out the skull somewhat, package it all up and fly back?

How have you guys pulled this off in the past?

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

From: Nick Muche

Nick Muche's MOBILE embedded Photo
Nick Muche's MOBILE embedded Photo

If you end up in Fairbanks I'd use Mark Mitchell at Sunset Mountain taxidermy.

From: smarba

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Honestly if you're not worried about "official score" (planning to cut horns off) I'd just cut them off, freeze the skull and bring back on plane.

Since the skull will be off already it would be very easy to do the Euro yourself (plenty of threads on Bowsite with various methods).

I read somewhere about how to make sure to be able to reattach antlers in exact same orientation. One method, with variations can be found at the attached link.

Best of luck!

From: Hugh
I am Palmer, AK based taxidermist and would love to take your money but consider this. Cut the horns off for an antler panel, then split the skull plate for shipping. Have your local taxi use a repro skull. They are extremely realistic. You can look them up on any taxidermy supply website.

good luck.

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