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Wild game safaris
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From: sleddogpa
My hunting partner and I are getting ready to book our dream hunt through this operation. We are meeting with them at the Philly outdoor show in a couple weeks. So has anyone heard good or bad about this operation and what questions do you think we should be asking?? Being this is our first time going to Africa we want to make sure we cover as much as we can when we meet with the outfitter.

From: Firehuntfish
Hello Sleddogpa,

My best advice is to do your due diligence and Google their operation for hunt reports, reviews, and contact as many of their references as possible. There is also a great outfitter review section here on Bowsite. It's definitely an advantage to be able to speak with the outfitter personally, but I would not book a safari until I had the chance to verify what is being offered from multiple sources.

With all of the technology available to us these days with the use of a keyboard, or cell phone, the research process is much easier than it used to be.

By the way, but there are 7-8 African bowhunting outfits listed here that are Bowsite sponsors. All of them come with very good reviews and reputations. I'm sure that anyone of them would be able to provide you with a great experience. Lots of Bowsite forum members have hunted with many of these outfits. I'm sure you could get plenty of excellent feedback from them. I would check them out for comparison sake if nothing else. Don't get tunnel vision from only one outfitter. Best of luck in your planning! Africa is an awesome destination.

From: Buffalo1
+1 Firehuntfish

From: huntinelk
I have been with them twice. I took my then 9 year old son the second time. Excellent operation.

From: sleddogpa
Thanks for the info. Looking forward to meeting them and talking. I'm not going to rile out any options.

From: Buffalo1
I would only suggest that if you are going to bow hunt that you deal with an operation who set up for "bow hunting". Look where the bowhunters on Bowsite have had success in the past with African outfitters.

Hi Sleddogpa,

My name is Freddie van Zyl, owner of African Trophy Pursuit, in South Africa. I was Ryno(from WGS) 50% partner for 6years until end of 2015 when we went our separate ways. so no one knows the company better than I do.

Therefor I can tell you that Ryno runs a good company and you will have a great time there with good service.

BUT, when we split up- I stayed by the lodge and the concessions that is on the same property. The same property that huntinelk have hunted both times when he hunted with me when i was still at WGS.

This is the area with the Bow only concessions that WGS used to hunt.

I totally agree that it doesn't matter to who you go in Africa- You will probably have a great time(as long as they are honest and don't have hidden costs that you get a huge bill afterwards with all sorts of extra costs. But that is more accurate when you are rifle hunting. When you go halfway across the world to go on a long awaited hunt with the bow, you want to be sure that you will get the best opportunities at all the animals you are after!

We cater for both rifle and bow hunter at our establishment, but have 15000acres that is ONLY for bow hunting.

please understand me correct: I don't mean Ryno any harm or try to harm his business. But I know where his hunting areas are right now, and it is beautiful big concessions with a lot of game, but also a LOT of open water, dams and rivers- which means that you will NOT get the opportunities that you should get when spending all that time and money getting to SA.

I don't say this to have you hunt with me instead, but being part of this forum, means that I must be honest and give truthful advice when the questions arise.

Good luck with the decition making - as it is the most important part of the hunt when you are a dedicated bow-hunter

From: Drahthaar
A lot of water and bow hunting in Africa don't mix. Forrest

From: tlt

tlt's embedded Photo
tlt's embedded Photo
Hi folks;

My first post here. I just wanted to say I have been to African Trophy Pursuits operation recently. While I was hunting rifles this visit. I did see the setup they have for bow hunting, the blinds and so on. It is a very nice operation, top notch.

I had a great time, it was an amazing experience.

I would be happy to be a reference, if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via PM and I will send you my number.

Here's a picture of my Waterbuck.

From: Jailer
Hundreds of great operations in RSA. With the competition and word of mouth through the internet the bad ones don't last long or at least if you do your homework you would scratch them off your list. With that said if you are a bowhunter why would you not go with one of the bowsite sponsors. I have been three times all with sponsors and they were all excellent trips that were catered to bowhunters. Just like others have said there is a difference between places that take both versus those that have bow only areas. Chances are if you go to a reputable place you are going to have a great time but the reviews on this site are a great resource on what these places offer. Good luck and have a great hunt.

From: tlt
Just to clarify my previous post, the bow hunting areas are not shared with rifle areas from what I saw on my visit with ATP and that is what African Trophy said as well.

Good Luck and have a great hunt!!

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