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krieger 27-Feb-16
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From: longbeard
Big are you hunting already? If so I am jelous...can't wait to get the season started!!

From: spike78
I disagree on the production sharpness of heads. Try running your finger down a Slick Trick. Razor sharp! You should give the Slick Trick mags a go for turkey.

From: sitO
Steve, I know you like the Cherokee's but I had a couple and had trouble with leaking so I gave them away. I'm also not a fan of the glare or sheen such as in your pic on the feeding hen. I think you may have killed at least a couple of birds with these ;) but have you noticed that glare? Do you think it's ever spooked any birds on your hunts? Is that Tom flocked on the upper back?

From: Nuctech
Fun video Steve, looks like your butt was on fire chasing after that tom, I know the feeling what a rush!


Whoa, you're giving the Amador Boys a run for their money...

Nice job!

From: deerman406
Used to kill a lot of turkeys, I got bored of it. They are about as dumb as a box of rocks. I may try again this year if I can do some spot and stalk, then I think they would be a challenge but if you put in the time and scout hard, they are pretty easy to kill. Have fun and if you want a bit more excitement pick up a recurve or longbow and give it a try. Shawn

From: Ermine
I think turkeys can be fairly tough to kill. Where I hunt I don't use a blind and usually don't use decoys. It's tough to get drawn on them and get a shot without them spooking!

From: wkochevar
I have not sharpened any of my turkey blades for about 5-6 years now. I get plenty of penetration (usually inside 20 yards) and it seems to kill them faster if the arrow doesn't blow through them...If they don't drop on the spot, they definitely do not go as far dragging an arrow. I have had to replace a few blades but don't sharpen them. Does anybody else not sharpen?

From: Paul@thefort
Since you asked!

I have never shot un-sharpened BHs, and personally do not recommend shooting "dull" blades at any animal for any reason.

my best, Paul ( A Becoming a Bow Hunter, instructor) and big game, small game bow hunter for over 50 years.

From: krieger
Bighurt, are the " Bowed-up blinds" still made? Was looking at your You-tube videos, but can't seem to google up any " Bowed-up " reference, or info.

I'm building a couple more permanent haybale blinds for this spring, but thinking about picking up one of those blinds.


From: krieger
I'm interested in one, Predator would be my choice, if you know someone who has one they would like to sell, or if you get time to make them again, be sure to let me know.


From: Ermine

Ermine's embedded Photo
Ermine's embedded Photo
Messing with different vanes.


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