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Colorado unit 86 high country muleys
Mule Deer
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Catfishcory 22-Feb-16
SedaliaJay 15-Mar-16
huntingbob 15-Mar-16
Ccity65 19-Mar-16
Branden 19-Mar-16
Ccity65 19-Mar-16
From: Catfishcory
Hoping to be drawn this year for unit 86. Sangre de Christo range. This will be early season archery above timberline, and Will most likely be hunting east side basins. Been doing a lot of google earth. My hunting partner has been several times, this will be my first. We will be trying new basins than he hasn't hunted, just curious if anyone has had luck on the east side, or if the west was any better? Any info is appreciated. PM's also welcomed. Have a great day!!

From: SedaliaJay
I've spent many many seasons in there early. I can't say that either side is better than the other. My experience has been that the higher you get, the more mature bucks you'll see during that early season.

That being said, the west side is GMU 82. So, if you draw GMU 86, you'll need to stay in the east basins.

From: huntingbob

From: Ccity65
Isn't the license good for 82,86 and 861?

From: Branden
The early rifle tag is good for those units. The archery tag is not. It's split like mentioned above.

Regards, Branden

From: Ccity65
Ahhh, I see.. Thank you. I've been debating on an early rifle tag, so that is what I looked up.. I've got the points, I'm pretty certain. I think I'll do one more year of scouting though. Thanks Branden

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