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Head Lopping Video
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Mad_Angler 23-Feb-16
Tndeer 23-Feb-16
DEC 25-Feb-16
tobinsghost 25-Feb-16
mikesohm/magnus 27-Feb-16
From: Mad_Angler

Mad_Angler's Link
I've taken one bird with a bullhead and 2 birds with Rage body shots.

Videos like this sure make me want to stick to head shots...

From: Tndeer
WOW! that's one crazy video

From: DEC

DEC's Link
Bullheads are the best way to get it done.

From: tobinsghost
Yup, it twitched! Sweet video!

Bighurt-no disrespect but I have taken many turkeys with the bullheads and every single shot has been less than 15 yds. I place my dave smith decoys 5 yds from my blind. In regards to your statement on each arrow having a different impact if your bow is tuned correctly and your shooting the correct arrow you can shoot them out to 40 yds,very consistently.

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