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Moose Bowhunt Openings Mike's Outfitting
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Andy Krieger captured this great video on a moose bowhunt with us last fall. (It looks best on a big screen not your phone for the gopro portion.) The rut makes this a great time to bowhunt the bulls, it is a physically easy hunt, lots of moose, some big ones and very high success. Shooting an out of range bull with a rifle is an option on this hunt too, it is an all weapons season. Resident hunters are on a very limited draw and we have an even more limited number of outfitter tags.

We have 2 spots open for 2 hunters Sept 24-29 in our big woods south zone where you have a better chance to take a 40+ inch wide bull(but not as many moose as our farmland home zone) and we have just one spot in our home zone, Oct 9-15. All hunts operated out of our lodge which has easy vehicle access. Feel free to give me a call about the hunts. 780 864 3770. Thanks!

From: kota-man
awesome video...


Mike Ukrainetz's embedded Photo
Mike Ukrainetz's embedded Photo
Here is the class of bull you could expect to get chances at in my south zone and maybe even in my home/farm zone. We killed this one last year at 30 yds with a rifle. Marcus Lee from North Dakota.


Mike Ukrainetz's embedded Photo
Mike Ukrainetz's embedded Photo
John Ulberg from Montana with another 2015 bull from my south zone. We called it in to 60 yards. One of the great things about our moose hunts is that you can drive right to the lodge and take all of the meat home with you, also no fly in so no days lost to bad weather, we hunt every day no matter the weather. Physically easy hunt too, light hiking in rolling hills stopping often to call, very enjoyable hunt.

From: Medicinemann
Kota-man X 2

Nice video.....

From: SteveB
Good footage! Thanks for sharing it!

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