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The "Cecil Effect"
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From: wild1

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From: stealthycat
I mean, anti-hunters don't want the millions being poured into Zimbabwe to take the needed number of lions out every year .... so now, Zimbabwe has no millions, over population of lions they'll have to shoot in the head to eliminate and everyone loses. But hey, you DID stop lion hunting ARA's . Congrats

Other`s and Outfitter and Booking agents also blame the Economy in the US No Hill, the Economy is not and A and the real Un Empl is NOT 4.9%, Plus who can pay for a $40,000 to $55,000 Lion hunt?

From: LINK
"Hunters are not coming because there is a massive recession [in the U.S.].”

Regardless of how the US economy is there are still many wealthy people willing to spend more than 50k in Africa. This disaster is directly related to the "Cecil Effect".

From: Blakes
Okay, I know I am going to get flamed for this but here goes...

I am certainly not an anti-hunter, and I don't think that Dr. Palmer did anything wrong. In fact, if I had the funds I would love to go hunt an African lion... However....

Biologically, I don't understand how there can be an overpopulation of 200 lions in one year. That must mean that their lion population is huge! I'm not a wildlife biologist but it seems a stretch to me that the population could grow that quickly. If it truly has, drop the price of a hunt to encourage more hunters (like me) to come and hunt them (simple supply and demand).

Okay, bring it on.....

From: glass eye
Doesn't have to be a growth of population, just a zero reduction. If Zimbabwe issues 200 permits a year to keep the population in check, and now those who could afford to go there are afraid to and choose to go elsewhere. Now you have a population growth by virtue of zero permits being issued.

From: Fuzzy
they've had a drought. That's when things get pinched

From: Bhbow
This is not a biological population reduction need but an economic reduction needed due to the reduced value of the lions. When the lions loss their value the reserve can no longer afford to have large numbers of roaming lions on the land consuming high numbers of the animals that do have value for the reserve. In Africa and for that matter everywhere that that is valued is conserved.

From: LBshooter
Where's the outrage,protests, Jim kimmel crying? One lion killed by a permitted Hunter and the world fell apart, his life and family threatened and two hundred lions killed a silence from the anti groups.

From: Matt
There is no recession in the U.S. - a stock market correction but no recession. This is not related to the economy one bit.

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