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Limcroma promo video on Vimeo
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Firehuntfish 26-Feb-16
Pat Lefemine 26-Feb-16
JW 26-Feb-16
T Mac 26-Feb-16
PREZ 26-Feb-16
EIStone 28-Feb-16
Toby 29-Feb-16
canesfan1 02-Mar-16
t-roy 04-Mar-16
From: Firehuntfish
Our apologies to at least 800 of you that viewed our latest video that was in Vimeo format. Those that saw it where probably wondering WTF?? What do the German Alps have to do with bow hunting in South Africa? Not much as it turns out....

Anyway, there was a link issue that Pat was kind enough to figure out and get resolved for us. Please take a few moments to check out the correct video. There is some good production value footage on there from our friends at No Limits TV. Both camps are featured in the video.

Also reminding everyone that Johan will be at the Iowa Deer Classic March 4-6. If you attend the show, please stop in and say hello. We still have a handful of open dates for the 2016 season. We are offering some great rates to anyone who can hunt with us this year. Send me a PM or email for more details. Thanks very much.

From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's Link
Here is the link. I bet some of you thought you were visiting Germany instead of RSA! Sorry about that.

From: JW
I shouldn't have watched that! Need to get back there soon Dan! Cool video.

From: T Mac
Great video! Well done!

From: PREZ
Great video...

From: EIStone
Can't wait to get there. Sept 1-10

From: Toby
One of the very best places to hunt with a bow

From: canesfan1
I did a family safari with Limcroma 2 years ago. It was one of the best experiences of our lives. They are great folks, and they know bow hunting.

The new lodge looks cool. We can't wait to get back there and try it out!

From: t-roy
Awesome experience for certain!

Looking forward to visiting with Johan at the Deer Classic tomorrow!!

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