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IdyllwildArcher 29-Feb-16
mountainman 29-Feb-16
DonVathome 01-Mar-16
bill v 13-Apr-16
IdyllwildArcher 13-Apr-16
sticksender 13-Apr-16
Dogman 22-Jul-16
sticksender 22-Jul-16
BULELK1 23-Jul-16
WoodMoose 23-Jul-16
Turk 23-Jul-16
The printed CO Sheep/goat supplement has some errors in the NR section that are corrected in the online version.

Unit 12 was erroneously omitted and unit 16 has an error in the hunt code and there's a new hunt code to enter.

From: mountainman
Thanks for the heads up

From: DonVathome
Thanks! I am going to G12 and hoping most others are not aware.............

From: bill v
Crap, I put in for GFG16 2R

Hope app is alright. what was the mistake in book?

Bill V

The code was wrong bill v

You might want to call them.

From: sticksender
It'll be interesting to see how many NR applied for the three Goat tags in G12 that were omitted from the paper brochure. The CDPW never sent out an email or changed the on-line regs book to point out their mistake in omitting G12 for NR. They just added an inconspicuous link in the on-line Table of Contents that takes you to a "Correction List" where the mistake is noted.

But Huntin' Fool did notify their members well in advance of the draw deadline about the mistakes and omissions. So it could turn out that G12 will have more apps than ever, with everyone thinking the same thought! I'm out of the draw for Goats until 2024 myself. Good luck to all!

From: Dogman
I put in for G12 based on this post, and see that about 100 fewer NR's put in for it this year. I got a call yesterday and it looks like one of the tag holders turned their tag in, and I was 1st alternate. Looks like I am going goat hunting in about 6 weeks!

Thanks IdyllwildArcher!

From: sticksender
Congrats Dogman! Be sure and do a thread on bowsite with all the details of your hunt.

Good for you dogman!


Good luck, Robb

From: WoodMoose
that is some great luck - congrats!

From: Turk
Congratulations Dogman. It sure is great when a plan comes together! Good luck.

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