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BigRed 02-Mar-16
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From: BigRed
Okay. I'll admit, I'm a little lost and in need of guidance. Currently, I have 10NR deer points. I'm in the Ariz elk draw with a decent chance at a premium tag, but would like to use my Colorado deer pts as a backup should I not draw. Timing is going to be critical with the Ariz results coming out at, or near the Colorado app deadline.

My question for all of you CO Muley guys in the know, "what units and season would you be considering if you were in my shoes?" Timing is not really an issue, so hunting one of the rifle season where I can catch the rut is not a problem. My criteria is kind of high. I'd like a unit where the possibility for a 170 or greater can be achieved. I've done my research, so I'm not asking this blind. But with all the options, I'm just spinning circles.

I'm coming from Nebraska and have hunted elk over most of CO, so no unit is too far out of reach. Obviously, public ground is most preferred, but I'm willing to pay a trespass fee if that's what it takes to make sure my points aren't wasted and to have a chance at my goal. And maybe I'm not there yet point wise to achieve my goal. Don't be afraid to tell me so. I'm also not looking for honey holes. Just opinions on units.

Thanks, Joe

From: Firsty
Unit 66. Hunt high at and above timberline and you should find some 170's. Killing them is up to you.

From: Treeline
Will PM you

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