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Advice for airport transfer in Argentina
Contributors to this thread:
hornhole 05-Mar-16
Lee 05-Mar-16
1Arrow 22-May-16
Stubbleduck 22-May-16
From: hornhole
Hunting red stag in April, and just looking for some advice transferring from international to domestic airports? My outfitter has arrangements for pickup for a fee of $84 per person. Is that worth it, or just use other transportation? Thank you.

From: Lee
Just was down there in Janaury dove hunting - it is nice getting off the plane and have someone waiting on you and not worrying about finding your bags and then finding transportation. Besides for the cost of that trip $84 doesn't sound bad.


From: 1Arrow
How did the transfers go? Any trouble? I am going in November. If you don't know any Spanish will it be hard to navigate? Did you do any touring of Argentina after your hunt or just in for the hunt and out? Any info you can share would be great.

From: Stubbleduck
If you don't speak reasonably good Spanish and / or are not familiar with Argentina and the airport I think you will find the $84 a very good investment in hassle reduction.

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