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From: Lone Eagle
I'm planning on hunting Kodiak next year for Sitka Blacktails, with some hunting buddies. I've been leaning towards a boat type hunt, thinking that would give a guy a bit more flexibility. It would also give you a safer camp and a place to dry out each day.I would be interested in hearing thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. from some guys that have been there and hunted Kodiak. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

From: archerynut
I have been there once and going back this August. We flew into a lake and slept in a tent and are doing the same this trip. There are good and bad to both styles but I prefer the more rugged and rough it in a tent. You can reach areas that you can't on a boat but it is nice to come back to a warm place every night that will have a meal ready for ya. It's more expensive on the boat than the other option also. We never had any problems with bears in camp or while hunting either. But we also went in September while the bears were mainly on the river looking for salmon instead of the hillsides. Either way you go it will be a good time.

From: LKH
I've done both and while the boat is more comfortable, you have to remember that the same areas get a new batch every 5 days or so. I've taken some decent bucks, but the only really nice one I took on the boat hunt was almost three miles from salt and they weren't happy with me when I hit the beach and hour after dark.

From: TEmbry
Boat hunts sure seem to be comfortable but you are hunting areas pounded by others with the same intentions.

I'll be on Kodiak this September but we are planning to camp up high on an alpine lake. Targeting mountain goats, but a decent sitka buck that presents himself isn't safe either.

I'll rent you a cabin at a fraction of the price, probably less than half for two, where there will be better hunting and you'll still have a warm dry place to spend the night. Only drawback is that its pretty much taken for 2016 and its only capable of sleeping two Bowhunters. No rifle hunting please.

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From: Wapitidung
I and a group are going with Homer Ocean Charters this November.

Visited with a few from a group that had done the same this year at Compton/CTS Banquet just a couple of weeks ago.

Alaskan King Crab on the boat daily.


From: weekender21
I've hunted Sitka Blacktail twice, once in the SE and once on Kodiak. Both times I flew in and hunted from the same camp the entire hunt. There are certainly benefits to a boat hunt, most of which have been stated above. I just prefer the adventure of a wilderness camp. Good luck and have fun!

Look into the Government use cabins. When I went about 5 years ago, the one we stayed in was $45 a night. Probably 32'x36' or so. You had to bring your own fuel oil for the stove, but it sure was nice for drying stuff and relaxing without being cramped on a boat. We were in the one on Deadman's bay on the south end of Kodiak Island. Good luck!

From: Lone Eagle
Thanks guys for all of the tips. I appreciate it.

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