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Top Alaskan Caribou Outfitters?
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Full_Curl 07-Mar-16
Bou'bound 08-Mar-16
Full_Curl 09-Mar-16
John Haeberle 10-Mar-16
From: Full_Curl
Looking for recommendations on a good Alaska Caribou outfitter for 2017. Not just an air taxi transporter, but a complete outfitter. Small, personal, no frill operations preferred. Thinking the Western Arctic herd or the Porcupine herd in the Brooks Range but open to other suggestions. Thank you.

From: Bou'bound

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Give Stan Parkerson a call at least. Denali Hnuts.........the only bowhunting only outfitter in AK.

From: Full_Curl
Thanks bou. I know there's many others up there as well. I have a list started but would like some input from others based on personal knowledge and experience with them. Thanks.

I had heard that the Western Arctic Herd was in decline, but "off-limits"? Dang ... was thinking of a trip in 2017.

Anyone have any other information about this?

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