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Just my luck
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I have been trying to get a CO moose tag for 17 years with no success. So, this year I am going to Manitoba to hunt moose. I did put in for moose again here in CO and it is just my luck that I draw and have two moose hunts this year. If I do draw, I will have to purchase a second freezer to put all the meat in.

From: Bou'bound
maybe the MAN outfitter would let you move it out a year. worth a shot. spread the anticipation and enjoyment out a well as give yourself time to consume a quarter of two of the first beast

good luck you should be into some real action.

Perhaps you will only fill one of the tags and won't need a second freezer! I do like your optimism! Good luck!

From: Tatonka
I hear you..... I had put in for a moose tag here in Montana for about 35 years and wasn't able to draw a tag, so year before last I went to British Columbia on a Moose hunt... I'm still putting in here, but odds are so low I'll probably never draw one... Good luck in Manitoba!

From: elmer@laptop
Bummer of a dilemma!!!!

From: cnelk
I drew my Co moose tag on my 18th year.

From: Tatonka
I think the states should have a process for us old folks who put in all their lives for the special draw tags that give us a better chance of drawing.... Like after drawing unsuccessfully for 30 years, give us 1,000 bonus points when we apply!!! :)

Took me and hunting buddy 30yrs to draw Minnesota tag. 2 yrs later they shut down the hunt.

From: Bear Track
Great to be optimistic!

From: midwest
The extra freezer will be the least of your expenses!

I don't care about the expenses. It's a bummer for guys that have put in for so many years and end up being too old to physically enjoy the hunt. I will have a one on one guide in Manitoba and my wife is coming along as an observer. If I draw CO too, I will have a guide on that hunt to get the meat out.

It's nice to be retired and be able to go on hunts and vacations. If you don't plan for your retirement you have no one to blame except yourself.

From: drycreek
First world problem for sure ! If you draw, and kill two moose, don't buy the extra freezer. I'll drive to Co. and take it off your hands. Hell, I'll even pay for processing, that's how I roll !:)

From: Kurt
Merle, Good luck on the CO moose draw. You guys have been shooting some dandy Shiras down there the past few years.

I put in for Shiras in CO for 25 years and never got a tag, but got lucky in WY on about the 12 application. It was a good 8 day solo hunt. Kurt

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