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Adding 25 grains to 100 grain Rage
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Mad_Angler 13-Mar-16
Julius K 13-Mar-16
HDE 13-Mar-16
Matt 13-Mar-16
drycreek 13-Mar-16
writer 13-Mar-16
olebuck 14-Mar-16
Ermine 14-Mar-16
milnrick 14-Mar-16
ELKMAN 14-Mar-16
Mad_Angler 14-Mar-16
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writer 14-Mar-16
Hossfisher 14-Mar-16
olebuck 15-Mar-16
deerman406 15-Mar-16
From: Mad_Angler
There is another thread to debate fixed versus expandables for turkey.

This thread is more specific. My typical arrows are very thin Easton Axis tipped with 125 grain VPAs. For turkey, I prefer Rages (actually, I prefer Bullheads but I limit the Bullheads to under 10-15 yards. For longer shots, I use the rages).

But. the Rages are 100 grains. My setup is calibrated for 125 grain heads. Is there an insert or adapter to get the extra 25 grains?

From: Julius K
Is your point of impact that much different at 20 yards. I have found adding weight to inserts of axis next impossible once installed. But I haven't noticed considerable point impact difference with 100 vs 125 grains under 30 yards.

From: HDE
Some inserts allow you to add weights to it (Gold Tip). You may also be able to add a washer behind the broadhead for the extra weight.

From: Matt
I'd get some 100 gr. field points and test the POI compared to the 125's. I doubt it differs enough to matter at bowhunting ranges.

From: drycreek
I shoot Axis 400s and there is very little difference between 100gr and 125gr with my setup. I only pull 58 pounds, so.............

From: writer
Ditto the others, Mad. The difference for me, out to 30 yards, is probably less than I can shoot accurately enough to tell.

Our Bullheads fly great to 20 yards, but I've never tried them further, or had to shoot turkeys much further.

From: olebuck
I use the gold tip insert weights.

I know they work on victory Shafts as well.

I shoot 150 grain heads - GK's

so I am trying some victory arrows V1's - (bull head arrows)

I cut it down about 3" to get it shorter, and added 50 grain gold tip weight to the insert and re-installed.

I am shooting the 100 grain bull head, and I hope with the weight it will make my set up really close to my hunting arrow.

the victory V1's are 9.9GPI and my gold tip expedition hunters are 9.7GPI

The V'1s are cut 1 3/4" longer for clearance of the bull head.

I haven't tested yet - but plan to shoot today.

my bow shoots full length arrow with bull head 125's good at 20 yds and closer - I am wanting to get more distance out of it. hoping the smaller profile 100 grain 2 3/4" cut will tune a little better.

From: Ermine
Insert weight into the insert area from the nock side.

From: milnrick
While I don't shoot expandable broadheads for anything g, I do need to ask a question.

Why add 25 grains of weight through an insert when Rage markets a 125 grain model? Wouldn't that be a more effective way to accomplish the task?

Lancaster has what you need in adapter weights for your inserts. I believe PDP makes them...

From: Mad_Angler
milnrick, good question... answer is that I already own 6 Rages that are 100 grains. Since they are about $45 per 3 pack, I want to make the 100's work.

As most folks noted, there probably isn't much difference between 100 and 125 grains. I'll experience and see what I see.

From: spike78
I'd throw them Rages in the garbage and buy some fixed 125 grains, problem solved. Just kidding.

From: Sivart
POI won't change much until you get to 40 yds and beyond.

From: writer
You'll want to get everything tuned, and perfect to 60 yards, Mad...and spend a lot more money buying things, and dozens of hours at the range.

...that'll about guarantee you won't need to shoot past about 12 yards this spring. :-)

From: Hossfisher
We are talking turkeys here. I use these adders during elk season for grouse with my 125gr small game head (150gr total) when my bow is set up for elk (150gr VPAs). For turkey I shoot a 100gr mechanical but use adders if using my backup bow as it's tuned for 125gr. Work great!

From: olebuck
my experiment with the weights worked wonders for my set up.

I had messed with my rest and nock point a little while shooting 125 bull heads.

my normal set up is 1 7/8" cut ABS silver flame XXL's so I am used to shooting big broadheads

1. I re-paper tuned to bullet holes

2. re-sighted

3. cut the magnus bull head arrows off about 2" added 50 grain gold tip weights to the arrow.

4. POA and POI for three different arrows were all the same. silver flame XXL's - magus bullhead 100's with weighted insert, and field tips.

5. the difference in my finished arrow weights are with in 15 grains - and it did not make any difference in POI.

the weights work really well for folks who are trying to use certain broadheads and target certain arrow weights.

From: deerman406
Honestly out to 30 yards I doubt most guys shoot well enough to know the difference or see the difference. Shawn

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