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writer 22-Mar-16
HUNT MAN 22-Mar-16
WV Mountaineer 22-Mar-16
trkyslr 22-Mar-16
JohnB 22-Mar-16
Scoot 22-Mar-16
Mad_Angler 23-Mar-16
writer 23-Mar-16
dhaverstick 25-Mar-16
drycreek 25-Mar-16
Bullhound 25-Mar-16
INbowdude 25-Mar-16
From: writer

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I spent a few hours tucked tight to a communal roost in south-central Kansas a few days ago.

The audio was taken about 10 minutes before fly down. There wasn't nearly enough light to photograph the fly down, or a bunch of longbeards trashing my jake decoy so soundly they bend the steel stake.

It's a link to our newspaper's online outdoors page, so there may be an advertisement, sorry.

Looking good. Hope your little Buddy gets one or two of those! Good luck ! Hunt

I'd love to listen to it. But, my internet stinks and, I couldn't get it to download. I love spring gobbler hunting!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all and God Bless.

From: trkyslr
Awesome!!! That is off the roost! ;-)

From: JohnB
Writer this mild winter we are having might just lead to an extra good season with some of the breeding done. Missouri opens April 18 and the leaves in some areas are already opening up. Side note I got drawn for jury duty opening week.

From: Scoot
Awesome! Good luck writer!

From: Mad_Angler

very nice. I'm really fired up now. I'll be driving out for the early archery season. I'll spend the weekend checking on my deer spot and looking for sheds. Then, I'll be waiting on public land with my bow, blind, and DSDs at sunrise on Monday morning. I will set it in the exact same spot that I used on two previous opening days. First year was an archery double. Last year was a nice bird before 7am. I saw a lot of jakes last year so I'm hoping for some easy 2 year olds this spring.

For the audio, were you just listening? Or were some of those yelps from you?

From: writer
Nope, just listening.

I do have a favored slate call that sounds a lot like that alpha hen.

From: dhaverstick
Who needs video? Just the sound alone gets my heart beating faster! Come on April!


From: drycreek
I won't get to go for about a month, but I'm past ready. I look forward to my one turkey hunt a year from about the middle of January until mid April when it happens. Can't.....hardly.......wait !

From: Bullhound
that sound gets the blood moving!!!

From: INbowdude
Looking forward to enjoying those sounds soon.

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