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From: nutritionist
This year i'll have 2 education plots in Wisconsin. One will focus on the native grasses as well as 15 different mixes.

My main one will have over 40 species of forages from kale to rutabaga to plantain to the many various clovers. We will have time lapse photos showing growth as well as a day 50-55 scissor clipping of the forages to send to the feed testing lab to show people how these forages test on protein, minerals and energy. I will also measure the sward density to show people an amount of forage per acre.

My question to the folks out here is...what types of information do you feel might be useful for an education plot? I'm open to suggestions.

From: MK111
As I'm only 4 years into food plot planting, grass and weed control would be helpful. After reading your research on name brand and brown bag seed results, this year I just ordered brown bag seed of the same type as name brand seed. That's excellent info.

From: nutritionist
I actually have a business with a friend that is called brown bag organics. Maybe when we both arent so damn busy that we will launch it online and to the united states.

He sells a few organic products that the deer industry and food plotters would be interested in and ive formulated a few organics in my past life that i sell to my friends but i should release them to the public.

From: BullBuster
Drought, cold and pH tolerance are always very big issues to me as well as browse tolerance.

From: kyrob
Shipping costs. LOL I was planning on buying a 50 lb bag of soybeans from a place in Wisconsin and they wanted $150.00 to ship them to KY. Needless to say I hit the delete key. I planted several types of brassicas I got from GranpaRays last year and they did great. Deer didn't hit them to hard as they probably wasn't used to them but hopefully they will this year. I would like to know if you can plant ladino clover and soybean or lablab in the same plot and will the clover keep on going for a few years after the other is done.

From: Bow Man
Perennial clovers do well planted in the fall. Could be overseeded into a soybean or lablab field.

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