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From: Bowhunter
Anybody hunted 3rd season Colorado with a bow? Trying to decide if I should burn my points on a good 3rd season tag, or go on an early high country hunt. Any success pics?

From: GF
The only year I hunted 3rd season was so long ago that now I think it would be 4th.

FWIW, I wouldn't even contemplate burning points to bowhunt in a rifle season unless I had killer access to some incredible private property.

Bowhunter, I am going on a third season hunt next year and I plan to try a few days with the bow. The area I hunt is rolling terrain and very favorable of getting in front of ore or face to face with one on the ground. Plus, there are places I think I can ambush one at night with the does and to be honest I am more worried about all of the does than the buck I will be after.

+ one for bowhunting during rifle season

From: oldgoat
If the area is limited draw for elk in all the rifle seasons with fairly limited tags for elk, then maybe. If it's OTC for elk or one of the draw units with liberal cow tags etc, then no way, plus you will be required to wear copious amounts of blaze orange no matter the weapon in a rifle season.


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Another +for bowhunt during rifle season. It can be tough depending on pressure. I can usually draw this tag every 2 or 3 years as a resident and 3rd season is great for deer in my unit. It is an otc unit for elk but most people know the elk aren't very thick in there. So realisticly I'm only dealing with deer hunters and the tags aren't real liberal there.

From: MathewsMan
I specifically only bowhunt Mulies during 3rd season. The bucks are all pre-rut and much more visible than any other time of year.

I would like to get a big velvet Muley during archery, but they are much less prevelant.

From: Treeline
From my experience, I can find bucks much easier in the early season. Actually find a buck that I want with several months of scouting time and then go after that particular buck as soon as the archery season opens. Seems like every day the season goes on, they get tougher to stalk up close on - whether there are other hunters or not.

If I find bucks in July, they are usually still there in the same area when bow season rolls around. Typically, those bucks will stay on the same ridges or basins until they rub the velvet and then they disappear. Does not seem to matter if they are being hunted or not - they just leave the country or go into the trees and hide. Usually, that happens between the 10th and 15th of September.

Start seeing the bucks show up in the lower country about the end of October - first of November to chase the does.

Hunting 3rd season in the mountains for "pre-rut" bucks can be difficult:

* There are usually quite a few rifle hunters out in the woods after elk and deer that can get in the way or mess up your stalk.

* The bucks will be close to the does that add additional eyes, ears and noses to make it more difficult to stalk.

* If there is snow on the ground, it makes stalking very difficult - especially if it has been there for a while and gets crunchy.

* The rut may be a little late and the bigger bucks still holed up and not moving.

* You are relying upon random chance for a big buck to show up and you have limited time to close the deal. If you spot a good buck, he may be miles away the next day or someone may bust him with a rifle as you start your stalk.

I would not archery hunt a 3rd or 4th season buck unless, as GF says, you have access to some really good private property that is not being rifle hunted for deer.

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