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rvrbtmarcher 28-Mar-16
From: rvrbtmarcher
I have 6 points for Deer in Colorado and I am wanting to use them this year rather than build up anymore. The type of hunting I want to do as far as I can see doesn't require the massive point totals to do so. I'll be archery hunting with hopes of finding an area to pack into for a week or so and take my bow for a nice extended camping and "high country" hunt with hopes of getting into some mule deer up high. I'm not looking to shoot a 200" deer by any means. I'm just looking to get up in the mountains and enjoy the experience and learn as much as I can. I have been looking over Unit 76 quite a bit. I'm just wondering if anyone has much experience bowhunting mule deer there. I'm not sure that it has a ton of the type of terrain that I am looking for but it seems to have a bit of it. I'm not after a handout and certainly don't expect someone to share coveted information that they worked hard to gather. Rather just maybe some general information. If someone wants to PM me anything they would be willing to share I would be very appreciative. I have some places picked out that I would like to try and maybe I could bounce those ideas off of someone that has some experience up there.

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