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Nebraska Turkey Hunt
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Buckskin21 28-Mar-16
drycreek 28-Mar-16
Eagle_eye_Andy 28-Mar-16
tacklebox 29-Mar-16
bowcrazyJRHCO 29-Mar-16
From: Buckskin21
Myself and some family members are headed to Nebraska for the second time for the early turkey bow season. Last year we hunted public land around Bassett and got into some birds so we were planning on doing that again but there's a bunch of public land near Gering on the far west side that peaked my interest. Is the turkey hunting any good in the Cedar Canyon WMA or other public land near Gering? Looks like cool country but also very open and maybe difficult to hunt. Also any scouting reports for the turkeys around Bassett would be appreciated. Are they gobbling and starting to break up yet?

From: drycreek
No help here, but good luck and tell your story when you return.

Bassett got a little snow last week, in fact it was a good ol' spring blizzard. Snow shouldn't last too long though. Expect some freaky weather in the next month and up in that country don't put too much stock in the weatherman's forecast! Good luck to you! Andy

From: tacklebox
I'll be in the NW corner in a couple weeks

I grew up in Gering and still hunt Western Nebraska yearly. There are some turkeys in the area you mention, but I choose to concentrate near Crawford or Chadron - where there are many more turkeys, and you can hunt a short distance from the camper. I think Bassett likely has many more turkeys and opportunities than the Gering area.

The area you mention does have public land, but plan on a 20 minute hike prior to even starting a hunt. The parking areas are a long ways from where the hunting begins. If you are running and gunning with a heads up decoy or not using a blind, it may work. But if you want to carry a blind and the luxuries that go with blind hunting, it is too far in my opinion.

PM me if you want more info.

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