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AX 360 stake with DSD Jak
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From: Mad_Angler
I have a DSD jake decoy. I love it. Many toms have ran in to the decoy and went home with me.

I also have an Aviax X 360 stake. It seems like a cool way to add some movement.

But it doesn't seem to work with my DSD.

Any ideas?

From: Mad_Angler

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I found this thread on another forum where they talk about archery. It looks like a great way to make the Avian X stake actually useful...

From: Tracker12
I have always felt that movement in the decoy would be a great option like with duck hunting. But to be honest I have had so many commit to a still decoy that I do not think it is worth the trouble modifying a decoy that works fine.

My old Feather Flex decoys have the best movement in even the slightest breeze but it can not compare to a stationary DSD Jake for effectiveness in getting em close.

From: DEC
I had a very stubborn tom last year that would hang up every day, something that I had not happen too often since I started hunting with DSD's years ago. So I rigged up a motion system that was pretty simple. I took two chalk line boxes (minus the chalk) and ran the ends to the tail of the DSD jake decoy. I hooked them up to the tail via a small hole and a zip tie. I then ran one string right of the decoy and one left of the decoy. I ran each string through the eye of a camping tent stake, and then the strings back to the blind. I could then turn him left and right 90 degrees each way of a neutral position.

I ran it that way that first morning like that and pulled that stubborn tom right to the decoy while my buddy dropped the 12 ga hammer on him.

Sometimes you have to try something new. I wouldn't want to deal with a motion set up each hunt, but I learned to keep a couple chalk boxes and tent stakes in my blind bag with me just in case now.

From: Mad_Angler
I modified my Avian X Lifeline stake tonight. It was pretty easy and it was cool to be able to control the decoy.

Now the question... Is it worth the hassle? Does movement really help?

I will let you know in a few weeks...

From: stick33
Yes, movement can be the difference of punching your tag or watch a hung up tom in the distance. I've used the same modification on my DSD jake it proved successful again this spring. Takes 30 extra seconds of time to setup... no brainer! They see that movement and come in nearly every time.

From: Mad_Angler
I tried to use the stake. It worked in my yard but did not work in the field.

I would definitely not recommend the Avian X motion stake.

I did connect some string to a Pretty Boy full strut. That was much simpler and worked well.

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