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Two Rams Poached In OR
Wild Sheep
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'Ike' (Phone)'s Link
Two POS kill two great Rams in OR...Great heads up by passing motorist....

A driver who spotted a man shortly after he apparently killed a bighorn sheep along Interstate 84 in the Columbia River Gorge on Sunday called police, leading to the arrests of two men.

Oregon State Police responded to find the remains of two bighorn sheep, which had been beheaded. Police suspect one of the men tracked down and shot the sheep, with the assistance of his companion.

That is stupid and very sad all in one----

Good luck, Robb

From: aceout
Sheep that were re-introduced in Oregon came from British Columbia

From: Bowboy
I use to see those sheep when I would drive home to see my parents. Hope they throw the book at them!

Parents always send me pictures on their way to see my sister...Shame!

From: stealthycat
I don't understand the thought process.... you can't ever show them to anyone, can't brag on them, there wasn't a hunt involved really ...... huge fine if you get caught

just so much risk for very little reward I'd think

Stealthy, did you see the mug shots?!? Not dealing with the brightest of the bunch...

From: GF
Great link on wolves on that page, too! OR governor blocked legal action which would delay delisting. In other words, score a few for Science!

Poachers are morons. Good to see a couple of deserving individuals receiving public recognition for their accomplishments!!

From: Inshart
When the sheep are "registered" don't they get some type of plug embedded into the head gear?

From: WapitiBob
All sheep in OR that have been taken by hunting need to be plugged at an ODFW office. Deadheads are illegal to possess.

From: willliamtell
Let's be clear - these guys are not hunters, they are criminals pure and simple. No way restricting hunting is going to affect bozos like them because they were already violating a bunch of laws.

Be interested in seeing the prosecution result and the fine/jail time. Sometimes I feel only jail will make an impression.


'Ike' (Phone)'s Link
Not nearly enough time...

Oregon has about 5,000 bighorn sheep, which are hunted only under strict guidelines. Last year, some 22,000 hunters applied for a lottery of 96 tags that would allow them to kill one animal each. One tag in 2015 sold at auction for $160,000, Dennehy said.The penalty for killing a bighorn sheep is up to a year in jail and $6,250 in fines. The state could also seek up to $25,000 in civil damages.Bighorn sheep were considered extirpated from the state in the early 19th century due to hunting and disease.

From: OregonTK
2016 will be my 44th year applying for an Oregon bighorn sheep tag. A couple methheads just go drop a couple along the interstate and bypass the process...give me 5 minutes with those bastards.

Yes, these were the California Bighorn variety. The penalty for illegal killing a bighorn just went up to $40K or $50K according to a friend of mine that works for ODFW.

From: Dwitt2n
Taking away their 'hunting' priviledge is as ludicrous as suspending a drivers license on a 6th time OWI. They don't care. Period. And sticking a 5 or 6 figure fine is just as riciculous - they will never pay it. We continue to live in a world where lack of consequence has diluted everything about our world. One way to insure either of these two don't poach anything else for 5 years? Put them in prison for 5 years.

From: NvaGvUp
"Hang 'em from the tallest tree!"

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