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Public Hunting Northeast Kansas
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Someday 05-Apr-16
LTG 11 06-Apr-16
writer 06-Apr-16
Thornton 06-Apr-16
RonF 07-Apr-16
MichaelArnette 09-Apr-16
From: Someday
I'm new to southern KC and lookin for pointers on areas to hunt. I have scouted Hillsdale twice now and have had very little luck locating any birds. I have heard only a few way off the beaten path with no real way to narrow in on where they were at. Looking for any advice on locations to look or stick to. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

From: LTG 11
There isn't a lot of public land and most of it gets heavy pressure. You're going to have to get off the beaten path. Hunt light and mobile. Think outside the box.

From: writer
...think about crossing the border and hunting in Missouri. Lots more public land.

From: Thornton
A lot more hunters in Missouri as well.

From: RonF
Try Clinton Lake Pomona Lake Pomona Lake. All of those have a fair bird population and ground you can hunt

Yep I'd try Missouri

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