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Desert sheep for 8 peso and a sweater
Wild Sheep
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From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Huntcell 's embedded Photo

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While on a hunting trip in 1942 on a remote ranch on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Carl Scrivens and his brothers were taking a stroll around the ranch when they spotted the skull and horns in the back of a dilapidated wagon. According to vaqueros at the ranch, the ram had been killed a year or so earlier by a Native American who was hunting for meat and left the head.

The brothers, knowledgeable about the size of desert bighorn rams, were not about to leave without the head and acquired it for a mere eight pesos -- and a wool sweater Scrivens was wearing at the time that caught the eye of a vaquero.

Read full story at link

He is huge!!

Interesting story too---

Good Luck, Robb

From: patdel
That's what's cool about mexico. I once bought two nice blankets and three sticks of dynamite for 12 dollars. Started at 20. Not as cool as that ram, but still fun.

From: Heat
Very cool story! I'd say those fellas got a great bargain! I like that its on display in AZ.

From: TXHunter
A very neat story and an amazing ram.

From: Ermine

From: midwest
I love those pencil necked deserts!

From: MNRazorhead
Ok patdel, I gotta ask...why did you get three sticks of dynamite along with the "two nice blankets". There has to be a good story here...

From: StickFlicker
So, you're saying I might have to drive almost 1.5 miles from my house to go see him in person?!

From: Heat
Are you there yet Marvin?

From: drycreek
X2 on the dynamite and blankets. That's a story that needs to be told !

From: Paul@thefort
Beautiful ram and story.

From: Kurare
Myself I am most impressed by values of different cultures - the indian hunter hunted for meat and the horns meant little to him, even the vaqueros didn't care a whole lot :-)


From: Lucas
Great story, I believe the original cape on that ram was black.

From: patdel
Mn razorhead, I was stationed in San Diego years ago in the service. We used to run down to Mexico all the time and get into all kinds of shenanigans.

I was in Ensenada and was trying to buy a couple blankets from a guy in a little store along side the road. He wanted 20 bucks. I was trying to get them for 10. He wouldn't go any lower than 12 so I was leaving.

He said wait, ran into the back room, came out with the dynamite and said he would throw it in. Being a 19 year old idiot I agreed immediately. The rest of that story is best left untold.

I also once got in a fist fight with about 20 fourteen year olds who were trying to rob me while trying not to step on an old lady and a baby selling ukeleles. Its hard to drink beer with fat lips.

I could go on and on. Point is, all sorts of strange stuff happens in Mexico. If you're looking for an adventure, its hard to beat. You just never know what you're going to get into.

The bighorn for 8 pesos and a sweater just brought back a lot of memories is all, and is not even kind of surprising. Sorry I hijacked the thread.

From: ahunter55
patdel-being an old sailor/marine I definitely can relate to your adventures in Mexico. Been there too...

From: Bowboy
Great story. What a stud ram!

From: Shug
Wow....I know a guy who killed a Stone Sheep for $600

He went on a goat hunt and was done in a day...The outfitter told him if he wanted to sheep hunt he'll charge 200 a day...three days later he put an arrow thru a beautiful Stone....

From: ki-ke
That's an awesome ram and a great story! BUT!!

Patdel ain't getting off that easy. As penance for hijacking this thread, assuming Mexico does not have a statue of limitations, I will cast the 1st vote that you start your OWN thread and tell us the rest of the story.

Sounds like a story worth hearing.

From: MNRazorhead
Thanks, patdel. Good story! I can believe it, I have a brother that spent 24 years in the Navy and some of the stories he told me of the things he did just make you shake your head and wish you had been there.

From: Beendare
So you can't get a desert bighorn hunt for $8 pesos anymore? grin

Whats that Baja hunt now, $60k last I heard?

From: ruslin
Sweet Find!!

From: Chronic
Awesome story- thanks for sharing this!

Janez brings up a great point about the cultural values surrounding this rams horns. I have to think in 1942 the horn/ antler craze wasn't as prevalent as it is today in hunting, though man was probably still intrigued then as (we)are now by the same thing.

Maybe survival played a greater role in the chain of events for this ram. The native may not have been as worried about how to 'adorn their fire place' with the large horns, as they were about filling their stomachs.

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