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End of Sept Moose Hunting?
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Rob in VT 09-Apr-16
Tatonka 09-Apr-16
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Aubs8 09-Apr-16
Bou'bound 09-Apr-16
Rob in VT 23-Apr-16
bb 23-Apr-16
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Fuzzy 26-Apr-16
Fuzzy 26-Apr-16
jmail20 26-Apr-16
Sage Buffalo 26-Apr-16
jmail20 27-Apr-16
jmail20 19-May-16
From: Rob in VT
I finally booked a moose hunt for my daughter and I. We decided Newfoundland fit what we were looking for in a moose hunt. Our hunt isn't until 2018 as we wanted a specific week. We will be hunting the week of Sept 24th, 2018 on the north side of the island in management area 4 - Taylors Brook.

My question is this;

1. The last week of Sept is typically the peak of the moose rut. How would warm weather effect this? Would activity be primarily at night and dusk/dawn?

2. Turns out that this week also is the full moon. How does the lunar phase effect the moose rut?

Thanks for any insight . . . Rob

From: Tatonka
I wouldn't worry about the moon or the weather....You've booked the hunt, so just go hunting! I would guess moose might be more active early and late with both warmer weather and a full moon, but on my moose hunt in Northern B.C. moose were moving all hours of the day...can't recall what the moon phase was, but the weather was typical for later in September... days were in the 40's and lower 50's and nights were around the freezing mark. I killed my bull around 1:00 in the afternoon.

When I was in the Coast Guard we used to refuel in St. Johns and patrolled the Davis Straits.. I wouldn't worry about warm weather. Seeing the sun was a rare event...seemed like it was rainy and miserable most of the time...

Good Luck!

From: Kilduff18
I hunted Newfoundland this fall third week of September it was unseasonably warm but it didn't stop the moose from moving, they moved throughout the day I shot my bull just before noon

From: Buskill
Warm temps plus a full moon ruined an Ontario moose hunt of mine once.

From: Aubs8
That would be the ideal day to start a moose hunt in Newfoundland for me. You can't control the weather...can be hot in the 70's just as it can be windy, rainy and in the low 40's...have to be prepared for both...

You can check the average temps for the location on . In 2 trips to Newfoundland, there was significantly more sightings/success in the mornings for all hunters in camp. When there were strong winds, sightings were significantly reduced.

That being said, my buddy killed a bull in a torrential rainstorm with strong winds on the last day...we almost didn't go out due to the whitecaps on the lake.

Have fun with your daughter! I hope to do that hunt with mine when she turns 18.

Take care. Mike

From: Bou'bound
You are in great shape

From: Rob in VT
Yes we plan to hunt all day long. Just looking for some insight on how moose react to warmer temps or lunar phases late Septemebr. I have been to NF 3 times caribou hunting and we never had warm weather, but rain and wind seemed to be a constant.

. . . Rob

From: bb
Warm temps are tough, they tend to move more at night, you can't worry about it, it can be cold that week or it can be warm. you can't predict.

From: SteveB
And it can go from cold to warm/hot and back again really quickly. In BC last week of September I was wearing no jacket one day and net day freezing with sideways snow. Just happens the snowy day I killed my bull :)

From: Squash
Warm temps made it tough in Zone 4 in ME last Sept.. However it still was frosty most mornings and that made for good morning hunts. Late mornings and afternoons were poor.

From: Fuzzy
yum, moose. Where ya going? I'll be there the week after you are

From: Fuzzy
oops! just saw 2018, why booked so far in advance? I'm going this fall 2016

From: jmail20
I'll be in Newfoundland on Sept. 23rd this year. Going with Effords. Hoping for cool weather and good rut activity.

From: Sage Buffalo
Make no mistake Newfoundland is a unique place to hunt moose. It can bee 40 degrees one day 70 the next. Warm weather is your worst enemy but then again every hunt has something.

You are hitting the rut which is the best time to be there.

Full moon isn't great but if you are going with a great outfitter it shouldn't matter too much as they will be love struck and wandering.

My only advice would be to go in with high hopes but if you are looking for a trophy moose only I would say the odds would be like shooting a 150" whitetail in Kansas (or any state that produces nice whitetails). There's a chance but it's not a gimme like many traveling to NF. I would have loved to know this - not that I wouldn't have gone but would have been better mentally prepared. The high success numbers are mostly cows and small bulls as most newfies do not chase big bulls and would should a young bull over a B&C bull every time.

From: jmail20
Sage the full moon this Sept. is actually on the 16th. I checked on that before choosing this week. I agree warm weather would be the worst. This will be my first time in Newfoundland so any advise you have would be greatly appreciated. Who did you hunt with?

From: jmail20
Quick question guys. How are the bugs in Newfoundland in late September? Any info would be appreciated.

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