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VT moose lottery open
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bigbuck 10-Apr-16
sticksender 11-Apr-16
Tatonka 11-Apr-16
Rob in VT 11-Apr-16
Mike Castillo 12-Apr-16
wade94z 13-Apr-16
Ace 13-Apr-16
wade94z 13-Apr-16
bigbuck 16-Apr-16
bigbuck 30-Apr-16
From: bigbuck
Vermont 2016 moose lottery application period is now open there are 2 separate lotteries 1 for the archery moose hunt and 1 for the regular moose hunt,135 regular season and 25 archery permits will be available,a new law this year you must wait 5 years if you had drawn a permit since you where chosen before you can apply again,it used to be 3 years

From: sticksender
It's stunning how far the Moose population and permit numbers have crashed. The quota of 160 this year is big cut-back from the 265 they gave last year.

When my son & I hunted in 2008, they issued 1260 Moose tags in the lottery!

From: Tatonka
Vermont still gives our more tags than Montana..... Our quotas have been more than cut in half, pretty much thanks to wolves (although you won't get the F&G to openly admit it). I've been putting in for a permit here for almost 40 years now and have yet to draw, but I keep trying! Maybe I should apply in Vermont! ;)

From: Rob in VT
Our population is in a big decline. Biologist think part of the problem is the infestation of ticks. I believe I read this year there will be no cow tags.

Did you see how now you have to wait five years to apply again if you draw! That was a big surprise as this is my fourth year, and I thought I was going to be able to apply again..no go.

From: wade94z
Never applied for the VT moose lottery. Starting now.

Just wondering, with those odds is there any chance of being drawn with no points?

From: Ace
Wade, it's not a Preference Point situation in VT it's a bonus point, which changes your odds just a tiny bit.

Mike, that was a raw deal huh? They should have started the 5 year wait with this year, and let those who drew before just wait the 3 years. I guess we really can't complain too much.

Give it a shot guys, VT is a beautiful state and has some nice Moose. Remember, you can apply for both the General AND the Archery tags.

From: wade94z
Ok Ace, thanks.

From: bigbuck
Ace they said last year that it would be a 5 year wait for any one that was drawn last year so I thought that anyone before that would only have to wait 3 years but it does say that anyone drawn in the last 5 years would not be eligible to apply this year,my only hope is Maine and New Hampshire!!!

From: bigbuck
Just an update on Vt I hear but hasn't been confirmed yet that the 5 year wait was only for people that where drawn last year,that if we where drawn before that only need to wait 3 years,I guess some of the wording is messed up ,I would contact VT F&W to confirm it,this came from one of the Fish and Game board members

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