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Mountain lion, Colorado in may?
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DonVathome 12-Apr-16
Destroyer350 12-Apr-16
smarba 13-Apr-16
DonVathome 13-Apr-16
Ziek 13-Apr-16
Vids 13-Apr-16
GF 13-Apr-16
From: DonVathome
Going to be in Denver mid May, any chance at hunting lion then?

From: Destroyer350
No season closes on April 30th.

From: smarba
NM has year-round season on lions

From: DonVathome
Thanks! Was going to be in Denver for family trip, going to mountains and not hunting seems.... painful!

From: Ziek
Turkey is open 'til May 22.

From: Vids
Another idea would be fly fishing, plenty of great places to go and May is a good time for it.

From: GF
If you can get outta town, there's the Blue River right where it flows through the outlet mall.... Tailwater, but it can be BLOWIN' in May. And it can get expensive turning the family loose in a place like that. Or you can fish the S Platte all the way through Denver, if you like Rocky Mtn Bonefish...

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