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Montana sheep unit question
Wild Sheep
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casper 13-Apr-16
IdyllwildArcher 13-Apr-16
casper 13-Apr-16
BULELK1 14-Apr-16
Tatonka 12-May-16
Bigdan 12-May-16
From: casper
Just doing a little dreaming here but my question is if I a nonresident wanted to bow hunt sheep from a river would I choose the Missouri river breaks units? My dream hunt would be rafting or on a boat going down a river hunting my way along camping on the shore glassing for sheep.

Years ago I read a story about traditional bowhunter E Donnel Thomas wife bowhunting Montana Sheep from a boat and it sounded like so much fun.

If I take my nonresident powerball shot what unit would I choose for a hunt like this. Max points not that it matters much but it makes me feel better.

I think I figured out the new confusing system to apply by paper. Am I right add up 10.00 for conservation license, 15.00 for base license,20.00 for bonus point and 50.00 for app fee, and leave out the tag fee of 1250.00 for a total of 95.00

What kind of boats can you take on the river would a bass boat work or only a flat bottom jet boat type stuff?

There's a sheep hunt in Oregon that is river access as well.

I think there might be one in Idaho as well.

From: casper
Sorry I was talking about Montana sheep units only and forgot to say that.

I hunted 482 two years ago----

Toss me an Email and I can tell ya all I know about the river access ect.....

Good luck, Robb

From: Tatonka
If you're thinking the Missouri River Breaks (680), good luck... The odds of drawing a tag are about as good as winning the lottery.. Most of the people I know have been putting in all their lives and have yet to draw. I'm on year 38 and have yet to draw and I have the max on bonus points, as do most people who apply. It's a very long shot, but like they can't win if you don't play...

Having said that, you can float the Missouri in pretty much any boat... A few people float it to hunt deer...

From: Bigdan
I have hunted both 680 my tag and 482 with buddy's tags you can float down river in almost any boat. But if your going up river you must have a jet or lots of extra props. In the 8 sheep hunts I have been on we never killed one from a boat. One hunt we made a 40 mile boat trip from the Fred Robinson bridge to the McClelland ferry. Its a good back up plan for bad weather but not the best way to hunt the breaks. The best time to hunt there is first week of november. And weather can be a big deal It took me 46 years to draw my tag as a resident. But I had a buddy that drew two tags in 482 in 8 years

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