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'morning All,

Reading thru the latest issue of P&Y Ethics and the latest Record Book Entries-----

Good lord Tom!! HaHa!

You have been a busy man hunting----


Good luck, Robb

From: Bou'bound
The man is a sheep shootin' machine. what are the details.

Well done and sell deserved recognition.

From: iceman
I noticed that too!! I'm a little jealous..

From: TD
Pretty amazing season for those boys....

The stories of the weather and such are pretty awesome as well. They just dig in a get it done.... well earned congrats to them.

From: NvaGvUp
Because of my long time involvement in wild sheep and wild sheep conservation, it's been my great good fortune to get to know a lot of really good people.

Tom Foss is at the very top of my list despite the incredible competition.

Wow, 5 sheep and 4 different Measurers! What a thrill!

Tom: Chad D. and I were in the same Measurers class in 2007! Fine young man!

Best always! C

The Polar Bear entry is the one that got me all bromance!! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Nick Muche
Someday the latest issue will make it to Alaska! Really looking forward to it.

Nice work Team Foss!

From: Mark Watkins
To clarify (if memory serves me correctly):

Tom killed 5 archery sheep in 4 years!

An incredible feat for sure!

Congrats Tom and thank you for being a great ambassador!


Love to see that Tule elk too---->

Good luck, Robb

From: Bowboy
He should write a book about his hunting adventures. I think it would be a good seller.

true that---it would be a good read------->

I always wished Jake/medecineman would have written a book.

Good luck, Robb

From: TD
"I always wished Jake/medecineman would have written a book."

I think a movie would be even better.... =D

From: Mad Trapper
TD I draw the line on the movie. Seeing Jake get into a freezer wearing nothing but a loin cloth is something that the world should not have to endure.

From: Shug
Yea....but let's see them kill a turkey. ...jk

From: Genesis
"He should write a book about his hunting adventures. I think it would be a good seller."

Much better on Audio....

From: Pat Lefemine
"Seeing Jake get into a freezer wearing nothing but a loin cloth"

The bigger question is why Jake was wearing a loin cloth in your presence?

From: njbuck
The Foss clan sure are a wild sheeps worst nightmare.

Pat- how bout a feature interview with Tom getting some tips, advice and stories of adventures past?

+1 njbuck

That would be a great interview.

Good luck, Robb

From: Mark Watkins
+2 njbuck

As we saw at the Wild Sheep Lifetime Breakfast in 2015, Tom has a great sense of humor and is very funny.

Maybe its a "taped interview" to bring that to light?

Either way, he is an incredible wealth of knowledge that has been a key contributor on my "sheep hunting panel of experts."


Either way

From: Shrewski
A team Foss feature would be excellent.

There was a nice pronghorn section in this issue and one of the highlights StickFlicker's world record. What a beauty; always love seeing that antelope.

From: TD
Tom's one of the few and the proud that can even keep up with his kids on the mountain.... =D

I'd like to think so... but I slip a sixpack or three into their packs first without em knowing.....

From: Chet
No doubt that the Fosspack are a ram's worst nightmare!

Charlie, that was nice thing to say about "Chad D". I'm not such a young man anymore though! I hope all is well with you.

I have been fortunate to measure many of the Foss' trophies and hear the stories that go with them which is one of the great advantages to being a measurer for sure.

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