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google scouting
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LaughingWater 15-Apr-16
greg simon 15-Apr-16
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deerman406 15-Apr-16
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CAS_HNTR 18-Apr-16
i've never hunted turkey before, and I don't know anyone that does, so that puts me at square one.

from what i've read online, a box call is the easiest way to get started, and i've seen enough tv shows etc to have a very limited idea on decoy placement and calling...

...but here's the thing - the tv shows always seem to be on farms where they have birds well patterned. They roost in the timber, and then head to the fields.

i'm going to be limited to state land which is for the most part forested. is this a needle in a hay stack? or do you pros out there have some tips for a newbie on how to get into some likely areas?

the obvious thought is finding state land that borders on ag land, but obviously i'd like to stay away from private property as much as i can. any thoughts there?

From: greg simon
This time of year just get out there before first light and listen for gobbling. Move towards a roosted gobbler, but not to close so you don't spook him. When it gets daylight give him a few hen calls. Sometimes he comes in sometimes not.

From: Brotsky
Try to figure out where they roost, where they feed, and where they strut. Once you dial into those areas everything else gets pretty easy. Call just enough to get their attention, but sometimes you can really work them over with the call, let the turkey tell you what he wants. Mimicing the hens you hear is always the best rule of thumb. You'll learn a lot being in the woods, apply your lessons and you'll be a turkey bowmaster in no time at all! Good luck!

From: leo17
going out before last light and listening, possibly using locator calls, like a crow or owl call. they will sometimes give there position away and you know where to start the next day.

From: deerman406
If you scout and find birds, it is best to spend quite a bit of time before the season and pattern them. No calls, no decoys needed this way. Shawn

thanks for the responses - seems like great advice once i find an area to get started in...

...but my real question is on finding an area to get started in via google. i live a few hours from the nearest birds, and with a new house and a new baby time to get up to scout in advance is non-existant!

any thoughts on google scouting? if this was big game i'd be looking for funnels, benches, and choke points... not sure the same holds true for birds...

any thoughts appreciated!

Scouting for turkeys isnt like big game.

I have hunted and shot them in places I've never been. As said......go before light.....listen for gobbles. Hit and owl call....listen.

If you hear one.....haul ass to get set up close before they come off roost. If you dont you can either move on to another spot and repeat the location process, or go to a good strutting area......field, open woods, log road, somewhere they can be seen.....set up, wait, call, wait...etc

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