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Sonora mule deer, best week?
Mule Deer
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flyingbrass 16-Apr-16
Hollywood 16-Apr-16
Halibutman 18-Apr-16
From: flyingbrass
if you were booking a sonora mule deer hunt which week would be best?

From: Hollywood
I guided down there for 11 years, I always liked 1st week of January for mule deer and 2nd/3rd week for Coues.

...just me.

...though I admit, the two biggest deer I've ever been involved with have been Dec 15 and Dec 30.

From: Halibutman
Best rut activity seems to be near 1/10 or so for mule deer. There is a very high chance several of the best bucks will already be dead by then though, especially if you're hunting bait with archery tackle. If it's bow-only, I'd go for first week of January. It's crazy the stuff they bait with.... Oranges and raisins!!!

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