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Unit 47 Elk Colorado
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From: ElkChaser413
I'm looking for some insight on Unit 47 for elk. Me and my cousin will be going mid sept. We have been looking and researching a couple of areas that we will be checking out this summer. We will be packing in a few miles off trails and we already know its rugged. We have hunted the Holy Cross wilderness and rugged don't scare us, which is our backup spot if needed. Any info will help and I'm willing to help you out on units we have hunted if needed. Send me a PM if you would like to talk hunting, Thanks


Start My Hunt's Link

My maps may help get you into the right areas. They show you where the primary forage areas and elk bedding areas for all the units west of I-25. They also show the hot spots where you should consider concentrating your hunting.


One of my old favorites in Colo.

I use to take my llama pack string up Chapman Gulch---for a week.

My bud's would trlr their mules all the way from Georgia and that was one hell of a camp!


Good luck, Robb

From: ElkChaser413
Anybody else? Wow looks like we will have the whole unit all to ourselves.

From: Brun
I would look at some of the really high country that borders unit 48. It's difficult country, but anything that borders a restricted unit and has tough access is a good starting point in my opinion.


DIYHuntingMaps's embedded Photo
DIYHuntingMaps's embedded Photo
I would be in the wilderness in a heart beat! But this is a screenshot from my Digital Map Platform. The Green is Production Areas, the Red Migration Corridors and Red Lines Movement Routes. I have a few ideas of where I'd start. I'll shoot you a PM.

From: Bowman
From: Aspen Ghost
Isn't it hard to get a lawn mower up in there Bowman? Even if it's self propelled?

From: midwest
It was so dry, I didn't even bring my lawn mower this year.

From: KsRancher
Old thread, but I was in 47 for seven days. Never seen an elk, deer, bear. Nothing but birds, rodents, and a drove of other hunters

I find riding lawn mowers less tempermental than horses.

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