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Taxidermy question
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wild1 18-Apr-16
AaronShort 18-Apr-16
Destroyer350 18-Apr-16
wild1 18-Apr-16
StickFlicker 18-Apr-16
Hugh 21-Apr-16
From: wild1
I'd like to mount my son's first fish using a fairly common plaque and small engraved plate, but I'd also like to add (to the plaque) a 3.5x5 snapshot photo of him with the fish.

Anyone seen this type of fish mount...? I'm certain I've this this before, but I'm having a difficult time searching for it on the internet. Thanks in advance!

From: AaronShort
There are several options. I like drift wood with a few branches for that kind of display. Ask your taxi for his ideas as well since he will probably be the one putting it together. Post up a pic of the fish!!!

From: Destroyer350
I couldnt find anything on the internet either but I know what you are talking about. Just have the taxidermist mount the fish and tell him what your going to do. They will have a bolt coming out of the back of this fish they will usually mount to a piece of drift wood. Find someone else to do the plaque. Have them leave a space above or below the engraved plate and photo to mount the fish. Make sure the plaque is big enough to support the weight!

Like AaronShort said "Post up a pic of the fish"!

From: wild1
Thanks for trying fellas, maybe someone else has seen this type of mount. The fish is your average rainbow trout - nothing spectacular, just a 4-year-old's first.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link
I would think most trophy stores could help you out if you told them what you wanted. Here's a link to a company in Colorado that will make custom plaques to order, and they have a fishing affiliation, so they might already have designed something like that. Good luck.

From: Hugh

They will make anything you want. Ive used them for years.

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