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My Little Morgan
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From: Scoot
My little sweetheart Morgan is eight years old. As much as my son Ryan is like me, Morgan is like her mom. Morgan is a spitfire and often quite a handful! She wants to "follow in mommy's footsteps" (her words) and be just like her when she grows up. Her mom, much to my chagrin, does not hunt and given that Morgan wants to be just like her in virtually every way, she has been hit and miss regarding interest in hunting in the past. She shoots her bow with us and she occasionally comes with us hunting, but hasn't expressed great interest in hunting. Many times she's reluctantly agreed to come with Ryan and me, but often she hasn't been thrilled with the idea. Here are a few pictures of Morgan in the woods and with her stick and string from the past.

 photo DSCN1768_zpsxfcbroca.jpg

 photo P1050571_zps1660c5c0.jpg

 photo P1050306_zps99a7c45a.jpg

 photo DSC04607_zps9e6f65a7.jpg

 photo IMAG0447_zpsa7148972.jpg

 photo P1020009_zps3ce6d515.jpg

 photo MFDC1592_zpsjdjikgg2.jpg

 photo DSC04000_zpsfacd9bf7.jpg

 photo DSC00545_zpsa3fccc32.jpg

Made my Day! Best always!! C

My son took up bow hunting and loves it. My daughter came with us when she was young but had too many more important things to do:)

Every child is their own!

From: Scoot
Given that, imagine how excited I was when Morgan told me this past Winter that she'd like to hunt turkeys this Spring. I was absolutely thrilled. Now, Morgan comes from a family of bowhunters- I have nothing against gun hunting, I'm just a bowhunter at heart and that's what I do. I knew Morgan wouldn't be able to pull enough poundage to shoot a bow and I was concerned about a shotgun being too much for her. It occurred to me that I help out with the Twist of Fate hunt in ND (a handicapped hunter weekend) by building blinds and running corn out for them and that they have a bunch of crossbows that collect dust in the Spring. I ended up borrowing a crossbow from them and we started having Morgan practice with it. Once I got the red dot scope figured out and dialed in, Morgan was immediately "throwing darts" with it at turkey range! I put the big Magnus Bullheads on it and we practiced shooting them into a free hanging pillow. I was confident that she could shoot a turkey if one gave her a chance. We didn't have much room in our shop for practice, but we squeezed in a target and had her practicing at turkey range.

I was excited for opening day! I planned to hunt with both kids and Morgan would be the "first batter up". After my brother managed to shoot his first turkey just 45 minutes into his first day of turkey hunting ever, he decided to join us. I got permission to hunt at a spot I'd see a bunch of birds at and we headed there on the evening of opening day (couldn't go in the AM due to work for me and school for the kids).

Rod and I got things set up for Morgan's first ever turkey hunt.

 photo P1060016_zpsydlh2pjd.jpg

 photo P1060024_zpsq1no5ugj.jpg

The field in front of the blind had a lot of this!

 photo P1060031_zps3ob2jxrk.jpg

The kids were excited to try get a turkey.

 photo P1060125_zpsbpdnckom.jpg

...well, for a little while they were.

 photo P1060043_zpspoggnlrk.jpg

Just as I was wondering if we should pull the pin, a few birds showed up about 400 yards away.

 photo P1060065_zps99qcvtzg.jpg

It was late for them to be out in the field this far, but they were slowly making their way towards us. Another group joined them from the North and in total, 18 birds headed our way. They headed right for us from 1/4 mile away, but in the end they stopped just short of us and flew up into the trees 50 yards to our North to roost. Dang! Still, it was a fun night and a beautiful evening.

 photo Sunset1_zps3wrrdg1r.jpeg

 photo Sunset2_zpslmpyet72.jpeg

From: Scoot
Thanks Charlie! More to come...

From: tobywon
Awesome photos and Happy Birthday to Morgan!!! My daughter just turned 8 as well and also doesn't have much interest in hunting. My 10 year old son does though. She does like cooking and eating fish, venison or whatever else we bring home so I cant ask for much more. Oh and she does help me grind and package.

From: Scoot
Sorry for the confusion tobywon- after reading your comment and what I wrote originally, it does sound like it's Morgan's birthday. That's not until Sep! I was just letting fellow bowsiters know how old the young leading actress of this thread is...

From: Jaquomo
Very cool, Scott!!! Reminds me of my daughter at that age, when she joined me at elk camp, called in a few bulls for me, built custom fly rods for me and my friends at 12, tied pro-quality flies. Shot bows and guns, father-daughter camping trips, all that.

Then she turned 16 and "bloomed". Totally lost interest except for occasional fly fishing to impress boys.

Now she's a fashion chick in San Francisco.

Looking forward to more from you and Morgan!

From: Chief 419
I did my best to get both of my daughters involved in hunting and the outdoors. My oldest daughter loves to hunt and fish. My youngest is more of a sissy girl, doesn't like to hunt, but does fish a few times a year. Each one has their own personality, likes and dislikes that make them unique.

You've done your part as a dad in getting your kids exposed to hunting. Even if your daughter doesn't hunt, at least she'll understand what it's all about. I can relate to the pictures of them sleeping. If they aren't sleeping they're snacking!

From: Scoot
"If they aren't sleeping they're snacking!" LOL, isn't that the truth!!!

From: Scoot
We couldn't get out again until Saturday morning. I couldn't sleep once 2:00 AM rolled around, so I showered up and got everything ready for the kids. They reluctantly rolled out of bed at 4:30 and I helped get them ready and we headed out. It was pitch black when we pulled up to the edge of the pasture we were going to set up next to. I went out and set the blind and came back and got the kids. We were all excited!

This picture is from the pack out, but this is what I hauled out in the dark of morning on the first trip: a blind, three chairs, a pack full of snacks, drinks, clothes, etc., a bow, and two deeks. Turkey hunting is tough on my poor back! It's kinda like hauling an elk off the mountain, except without the satisfaction of having shot an elk!!!

 photo P1060153_zpsc50v4yss.jpg

Here's what our decoy spread ended up looking light once the sun came up enough to see it. The jake decoy was seven yards from Morgan's razor sharp Bullhead.

 photo P1060119_zpsvz9iibag.jpg

The kids settled in and understood this was serious business!

 photo P1060129_zpsacmopfbe.jpg

 photo P1060128_zpsd72psjyf.jpg

As the morning light started to creep into the darkness a gobble rang out. At least a dozen more immediately responded- there were birds in almost every direction from us. We heard one gobble directly behind us less than 100 yards. Several more came from the SW of us about 200 yards away. As soon as Morgan could see the decoys well enough for a shot we did a fly down cackle and some wing flapping. The birds went bonkers and clearly were interested. Ryan and I were thrilled with all of this, but Morgan had conked out! She sat in her chair, but laid her body straight forward with her head on her legs and arms. She was out like a light!

As it got lighter Ryan excitedly said, "I see three strutters over there!" It took me a while, but I eventually saw three gobblers and we assumed they were working some hens that we couldn't see. We called to them a bit and made sure they knew we were there. After about ten minutes later Ryan said, "I see another tom about 50 yards right of those birds. I can see his big ol' white head in the trees." Again, after some struggling I spotted the bird. I called to him a bit and he immediately showed interest. The second I saw him respond to the calling I thought we would call that bird in. He strutted for a bit, then ran 30 yards our way. Then he strutted for a few minutes, then sprinted our way another 30 yards. This repeated until he was about 100 yards out. I shook Morgan and got her situated. I loaded the bolt in her crossbow and oriented her to the bird. He was now 50 yards away and closing. When he got to 30 yards the stopped and strutted for a minute. He gobbled twice, then put his head down and marched right into our decoy spread.

 photo Indeeks1_zpsanhjkdqx.jpeg

He made his way into the decoys and spit, clucked, and purred as he made one full lap around the jake decoy. Morgan was locked in and ready to shoot. The whole time the bird walked around the decoy I was leaned in next to her and I was whispering "Just wait, take your time, he'll give you a shot eventually. Just wait..." The bird walked behind the decoy and turned next to it directly facing us and stopped.

 photo Indeeks2_zps1lvu8vij.jpeg

I could hear, see, and feel Morgan breathing hard- she was excited and worked up. I smiled with satisfaction that she was excited and filled with adrenaline. I also could hear Ryan's adrenaline driven breathing. I know my heart was pounding too! I whispered, "OK, no hurry. When he lifts his head up and you feel good go ahead and take the shot when you're ready." As if it was right on cue the tom stretched his neck out and lifted up his head and held dead still for a half-second. That's all Morgan needed- the crossbow cracked out the bolt and Morgan made a perfect shot! The bird flopped and flapped all around, but there was no doubt he wasn't going anywhere.

The three other toms were only 120 yards away, so we tried very hard to not make too much noise, but I was so jacked up and excited for Morgan. She looked excited, but even more so she looked dumbfounded! I knew she was happy, but she seemed to be in shock. Ryan was thrilled for her too. I was proud of Ryan- there's no doubt he was green with envy at the opportunity Morgan had, but instead of being petty he congratulated her and told her how happy he was for her. We hugged and high fived and congratulated Morgan over and over. She had made a perfect shot on this perfect morning. I couldn't have been more proud and excited.

After the three toms eventually faded away I sneaked out and checked things out.

 photo Lopped2_zpsfervq5p2.jpeg

 photo Dead_zpsf9nfnx0g.jpeg

 photo Lopped1_zps2x9pceht.jpeg

Definitely a perfect shot by my little girl!

From: Brotsky
This great Scott! Congrats to Morgan! You gotta love it when those gobblers "lose their head" over the ladies!

We have 2 daughters and a son. My oldest daughter is 16 and has less than zero interest really in hunting. She's into music big time, plays guitar and sings at local coffee shops, is in her school concert and show choirs, etc. That's her thing. You know a lot about my middle daughter, she's a killer. If it flies, swims, crawls, or walks she wants to hunt it. That's her thing. They all find their own way in life and their mother and I encourage them to walk their own path, even if it differs from ours. My oldest daughter has expressed some interest lately in trying trad archery, she's kind of a hippie girl so go figure! Ha! This summer we'll see if we can't get her out shooting with the rest of the family.

From: Scoot
 photo Hero3_zps12wuepoe.jpeg

 photo Hero4_zpsxohxo9qo.jpeg

 photo Herogroup_zpsky2yerlr.jpeg

 photo Lift_zpseiiatpan.jpeg

The kids couldn't believe she had completely lopped off the head of the turkey with her shot. LOL

 photo Goofingoff_zpsn50wt4vu.jpeg

 photo Hooks_zpsrympzfxa.jpeg

This picture doesn't do it justice, but the bird was beautiful. He had gorgeous colors that shined in the morning light.

 photo Feathers_zpsa9lg4oba.jpeg

What an amazing morning! I was proud as a peacock of my little girl! She was clearly excited, but I'm pretty sure I was even more thrilled about it than even she was! It was a great day to be a dad, for sure.

For the next few hours we watched deer...

 photo P1060087_zps4y9270s5.jpg

Morgan got back to being a goofball (she took the pic below- it's of herself)...

 photo P1060064_zpsyewajyyu.jpg

...and the kids eventually played on mommy's tablet that we had sneaked along (don't tell her!)

 photo P1060139_zpsrizhnq5i.jpg

At 10:00 AM things had been quiet for a while and we decided to call it a day. But what a day it was! Saturday, April 16th 2016 was the day my little Morgan shot her first turkey. She seemed to me to grow up a little on Saturday. I'm sure most fathers out there can appreciate the bitter sweet feeling that gives you. I got choked up thinking about it while in the blind, but I tried not to dwell too much about something I can't change or stop, so I just appreciated the wonderful event for what it was. Saturday was the day Morgan punched her first tag and we were thrilled for her and I was oh so proud of her. My little Morgan...

 photo P1060165_zps1w04eyty.jpg

From: tobywon
No problem Scoot and even better end to a great thread. Thank you.

From: trkyslr
That's awesome Scott and great pics!! Sous s line the ol wing flap fly down cackle worked! ;-) thanks for posting I enjoyed it and felt like I was there with the gang in the blind.

From: rgb
Thanks for sharing a great story! Here's wishing you many more great hunting experiences with Morgan and Ryan!

From: smarba
Awesome Scoot! Thanks for sharing - it doesn't get much better.


From: Brotsky

Brotsky's embedded Photo
Brotsky's embedded Photo
Scott, I had to LMAO at the pic with you carrying the blind. The things we do for our kids! Ha!

From: otcWill
Perfect! Heck of a turkey season for you Scott. Soak it up. It don't get no better!

From: writer
Fun, thanks for sharing. Was it the 125 or 100 grain Bullhead?

That was great. What a shot. CongratS. You have raised your kids right. Hunt

From: Salagi
My favorite thread in a while. Thanks for posting and congratulations to all of you.

From: Ron Niziolek
That was awesome Scoot!

Congrats to Morgan and way to get her into the sport. Awesome story.

From: drycreek
Awesome, awesome, awesome ! Great story and greater pictures ! Congratulations to Morgan !

From: Scoot
Thanks guys! It was quite a treat for me and for Morgan!

"Sounds lin\ke the ol wing flap fly down cackle worked!"

Oh mama did it! When we were in ND it made the birds go from luke warm to completely bonkers! For Morgan's hunt they lit up a ton, but not quite like in ND. Either way, I definitely applied some of what you taught me and I'm pretty pleased with the results! That's just one of many things we learned from you guys!

LOL Justin- I think you were hauling more than me!

Michael, they were the 125's. I've heard they don't fly well out of a crossbow, but that wasn't our experience. They hit the exact same as field points.

From: JB
I thought this was going to be a Kelly Harris thread. Always love checking in on those. Lucky for me that I did!! Awesome story. Always great to see the youngsters getting into it!!

From: JB

From: Rick M

From: buckfevered
Scoot, Absolutely wonderful. Doesn't get any better than that. Both kids in the blind, great turkey action, and beautiful weather. Cherish the time as they grow up fast but you'll have memories for the rest of your life.

From: T Mac
Congrats Morgan and Dad your making memories that will last a lifetime well done!

From: loopmtz

From: sureshot
That's the best turkey hunt I have read! Great shooting Morgan!

From: snapcrackpop
So cool! What a great surprise to open up these threads and read the stories! I bet Harvey Lee got a kick out of it!

So awesome guys! Congrats to everyone. Wish I coulda been there. And good shootin by the young lady :-)

Pretty cool reading Scott!!

Congrats to Morgan

Good luck, Robb

From: 147Hitman
Great story!!!! We loved all the photos as well! My daughter is hoping for a similar outcome!! This was a great read this morning.... We have 3 kids and now they are all fighting to spend time in the blind with me!!! I think all of my dreams have come true.

From: Trophy8
Doesn't get any better. Congrats to all.

From: GhostBird
Congratulations to you all... excellent!!!

From: Chad429
Congrats Morgan! Scoot that's what its all about man! Had my little guy out Saturday morning and came so close to getting him his first bird! Be back at it this weekend. Way to go love seeing the kids hunting!!

From: Medicinemann
Great story. By chance, did you get any video footage?

From: Mule Power
Awesome story and great pics. Congrats Scoot!

Congrats Morgan!! Great pics and story Scott!

Scott and Brotsky - Ha!! In our family, we refer to it as being "Sherpa Dad".

From: kota-man
Love it Scoot. Congrats to Morgan!

From: Scoot
Thanks so much guys! Medecineman, no video. I prefer still pics plus I don't know how to edit video. I wish I did...

From: bliz6
Awesome! Congrats to Morgan!!

From: Mark Watkins

Congrats to Morgan.....and to many more!!!


From: Hawkeye
Awesome thread! Congrats!

great thread... love it...

From: MassBucks
Awesome! You're doing it right Scoot!! I have a 17month old boy and I can't wait to get him in the woods.

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