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Unit 23 AK Caribou season CLOSED!
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Stekewood 19-Apr-16
TEmbry 19-Apr-16
IdyllwildArcher 20-Apr-16
From: Stekewood

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Federal lands closed to all but subsistence hunters. See link.

From: TEmbry
While I won't even argue the point whether or not a restriction/closure was warranted... this is another blatant overstepping of boundaries by the Federal Government up here. Management of game animals is the responsibility of the state.

The state already decreased the NR limit from 2 bulls to 1 bull. The locals can still go kill 5 cows a day.

So a couple hundred guys won't be able to kill one bou, but local residents will still kill 5 per day and 30+ each for family/extended family? That makes sense.

There's been so much research on this, this closure is laughable. The herd is declining because they let it get too big and the calving grounds got overgrazed and now the bou are having less young coupled with too many wolves that increased to feed on a herd size of 550,000 animals and are now feeding on a herd of 200,000 that's dropping monthly.

The herd is going to drop down to below 50k animals and banning NRs is not going to change that or slow it down.

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