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Boradhead type for barren ground caribou
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jopetz 20-Apr-16
caribou77 20-Apr-16
TEmbry 20-Apr-16
Russell 20-Apr-16
Dooner 20-Apr-16
Charlie Rehor 20-Apr-16
Bou'bound 21-Apr-16
jopetz 28-Apr-16
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Beendare 28-Apr-16
razorhead 01-May-16
APauls 01-May-16
Tracker12 05-May-16
carcus 05-May-16
ahunter55 05-May-16
jopetz 06-May-16
From: jopetz
Ive been bow hunting for a little over a year now and I am going on a trip to Canada to hunt barren ground caribou. Does anyone has any suggestions or preferences regarding best broadhead type I.e. Grains, mechanical vs fixed for this type of animal?

From: caribou77
Honestly anything will work. I've used slick trick 125 mags all the way to rocket steelhead 125s. Both flew right on through. Caribou are not overly tough animals so I wouldnt worry so much about using Mechanicals. Also remember wind can be a huge factor. My trip this year I will again take the steelheads.

From: TEmbry
They are an oversized deer, don't let the enormous antler size fool you. Any broadhead will work just fine. There are literally 1,000 things I would worry about planning this trip before broadhead type. Trust your setup.

From: Russell
If I were you, I'd use the Rage Hypodermic broadheads in 125 grain. Added to the FOC and better flight, especially in windy conditions.

Ideal arrow for windy conditions are small diameter arrows. My choice are the Black Eagle X-Impact with blazer vanes.

From: Dooner
Any broadhead will work. My experience with caribou is that they are not tough animals. Because of the wind, I would recommend a mechanical be in your quiver, but a low profile broadhead like a slick-trick standard would be almost as good.

As mentioned above the Caribou are easy dies compared to other North American animals. Broadhead is not as important as being a comfortable shooter. Good luck! Tundra walkers are a blast to bow hunt! C

From: Bou'bound
Whatever you killed your last animal with will be fine. It would be more exciting to think some new upgrade is needed and this is a specialized situation requiring exotic changes to your terminal tackle but it is not.

From: jopetz
Thanks guys, Ive been shooting solid legends 100 grain and ill most likely stick with those. They fly beautifully.

From: HDE
good call

From: Beendare
Easiest animal i've ever seen to kill. Probably shouldn't tell this story on the internet....

We were in them thick on my first bou hunt and my buddy said you can shoot them in the stomach and they go down quick....

Sure as sheet.....he shot one in the stomach and it stopped dead, gurgled and choked on a bunch of green....and went down in 20 yds.

Of course i don't recommend that shot but point is they are easy to kill.

From: razorhead
I have certain criteria for a bh,,,,, for me it must fly dead on accurate, out to 60 yards,,, I mean dead on accurate,,,,,,, then it has to be wicked sharp, and I mean sharp........ then it has to put a big hole in that animal, and I mean penetrate,,,,, it can never fail, never........

also I judge a bh, not on what it does on a perfect hit, but what does it do, on a crap shot,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I want to shoot the same head, either out of my compound or recurve...

that is the reason, I shoot a 125 grain Ram Cat, my results have been amazing, and two outfitters, have already asked me,,,,, what the hell are you shooting, that is one devastating head......

From: APauls
They're a deer on stilts with a big shnoz and monstrous rack. Enjoy!

From: Tracker12
When I hunted a few years ago a group of the guys were running 320 grain arrows with 57 grain Rocket Wolverine's. 9 of us killed 17 bulls. Most were taken with the light arrow. I used a Rocket Steelhead 125. Zipped right thru on at 52 yards.

From: carcus
I haven't hunted them but a good quality fixed head would be a disadvantage, only one clear choice, a good mech, they are deer sized and wind is a huge obstacle

From: ahunter55

ahunter55's embedded Photo
ahunter55's embedded Photo
125 gr 3 blade.. Worked great for me & my son..

From: jopetz
Thanks for the input

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