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Antelope hunt outfitter
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MichaelArnette 20-Apr-16
tr 20-Apr-16
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wild1 20-Apr-16
B N A A guy 22-Apr-16
Bowbaker 22-Apr-16
Sparky27 25-Apr-16
elkstabber 26-Apr-16
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JackPine Acres 28-Apr-16
Bou'bound 28-Apr-16
JimG 29-Apr-16
archeryav 02-May-16
wytex 16-May-16
RMH 14-Jul-16
I'm looking for a good outfit for antelope. These have been a bucket list animal for years and I'm interested to see who you would recommend? I am looking a year or more out so don't mind if I have to book years in advance. I'm also looking for a high success rate and someone who is willing and able to accommodate traditional archery equipment.

From: tr
Werner Ranch pm sent

If you go with any of the fine Bowsite Wyoming sponsors you'll be fine. If a year or more in the future grab a point this July for antelope. Speedboats are great fun. Good Luck. C

From: wild1
Speedboats are a lot of fun, not sure how they work out on the prairie though.

Werner Ranch Spearhead Ranch Moore Ranch

Can't go wrong with any of them!!

From: B N A A guy

B N A A guy's Link
Hello Michael, As several have already mentioned you will be in good shape with any of the choices above. I book clients on Antelope bowhunts every year. So we too have some excellent options for you to consider. I know we can get you a good shot with your traditional gear on a very good goat.

If you are interested in what we can offer you then please contact me to discuss any questions that you have.

Best regards, Scott Alberda

Bowsite sponsor

Bow and Arrow Adventures

From: Bowbaker
Spearhead is top notch. No problem for trad bows shots are very short 10-15 yards. For the most part the blinds are old metal tanks partially buried into the ground. You are actually about 3-4 feet below ground level with a small shooting window. I have hunted there twice can't say enough good things about it. pm me if you have questions I didn't hit on.

From: Sparky27

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I'd recommend SNS Outfitters in Wyoming. Awesome guys! Most of their guides have been working with them for more than 15 years and actually, it's an employee owned business which is really cool. The ranches they hunt are incredible. If you call, you'll probably talk to Sy. He's a really nice guy: 307-266-4229. Or

From: elkstabber
Michael Arnette - thanks for starting this thread.

I'm in exactly the same position.

From: Frenchman
me too - planning for 2017 if things work out!

Spearhead is usually booked out a couple seasons in advance. Hunted with them in 2002 and headed back this fall when 2 spots opened up for me and my friend from S. Dakota. Great group of people!

From: Bou'bound
Werner ranch

From: JimG
Rough Country Outfitters out of Glenrock, WY. Great people and Jim & Deb will treat you right. I've killed a pope & young buck every time I've hunted out there. Five good ones on the wall.

Good Luck

From: archeryav
I booked my first anteloppe hunt last year with Bow and Arrow Adventures, Scott did a great job to find me the best outfitter out west. I was looking to find a place where I could hunt 2 states at the same time and Scott told me to hunt with Blue Rock Outfitter. I was able to fill my both tag and film my hunt that we used on Nock On TV show. I already booked again for this year !

You could ask Scott, I'm sure he'll find you the best place !

From: wytex
Make sure you ask about the size of the bucks they harvest every year. Most , not all by any means, outfitters run as many antelope hunters through their camps as fast as they can. Pope and Young bucks are everywhere in Wyoming. Do not shoot the first 12 incher you see. We call those bucks non resident specials. DIY is the way to go. You can bring a pop up blind and set it up over water or spot and stalk. If you have no success with a bow you can come back or stay over for rifle season on the same tag.Get out and see the country.

From: RMH
Michael, Don't know if you pick an outfitter, but I sent you a PM.


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