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Tenzing 2220 vs Badlands 2200??
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I have done a lot of reading on the Tenzing 2220 and the Badlands 2200 packs and feel that I have it narrowed down to these two when the time comes to buy one. My concern is that the Tenzing does not have a meat shelf like the Badlands. Is this option a deal breaker or will I most likely have to return to camp for a pack frame or unload my pack to carry the rest of the meat from the field? I know this is a day back and not one for deep in the back country for a multiple day hunt.

If you have any advice on either pack please let me know your thoughts.


From: Boly
I have had the Badlands 2200. It is a great pack for hunting and is comfortable with a lot of great features until you put weight on it. I have carried out elk quarters several times and I can say it isn't fun. I cannot comment on the Tenzing as I have no experience with it.

I have the Tenzing and am very impressed with it. I'm sure the Badlands is a great pack as well. Trying to pack out anything other than small bags of meat isn't what either was designed to do IMO. Pack frames ARE designed to pack meat, so that's what I use for that purpose..

From: TheAnchorite
I've had the Tenzing 2220 for 3 seasons and it's been great so far. Have thrown game bag(s) full of meat both de-boned and quartered into it to haul out but on both occasions went back in with a frame to finish the job. It's just not built for packing large quantities of meat. Didn't know anything about the Badlands until a quick google search so I can't say. I guess Boly and wyobullshooter have pretty much said the same thing!

From: huntingbob
Like Wyobullshooter said you are looking at a pack designed for a different use. Packing loads requires much more in the load capacity and volume. Jump up to twice that volume and you will do fine. Never had a Tenzing pack on my back but have used three different Badlands packs, None of them would I consider for hauling meat. At least any substantial amount meaning quarters or even boned out elk. They just do not have what will be needed. Look at a pack that has a higher capacity and volume and you will not look back.

From: Cazador

Cazador's embedded Photo
Cazador's embedded Photo
I've went back in forth with the hate of my BL 2200 over the years. I pack elk out with it every year so it works. The thing I don't like about it is the weight of the pack. To me, it's heavy empty. You carry rain gear, a few game bags, some food, and it's just plain heavy!

But, at the end of the day, I'm sure it will be on my back yet again. I've punished that pack, it's been beat to hell and has packed a dozen or so bulls, and about that many deer as well. Most comfortable? I'm sure there are much better packs. I'm just too lazy and dumb to get another.

This is a photo of the pack loaded with camp, and an elk quarter, last trip out. The other pack is a Super Day with a quarter as well.

From: SlipShot
I have one of the original Badlands 2200 and it is a great pack for day or short overnight outings. The pack capacity is a little small if you have bulky items (clothing). If I need extra capacity I put my bulky clothes in a dry bag and strapped it to outside of the bag. What makes the pack even better is Badlands customer service. I have packed out more meat that I can remember with it. It holds one rear or two front elk quarters on the bone nice and tight to your back. Before If your waste is smaller than 32" you may have hard time getting the waste belt tight. It is what I consider somewhat heavy. The only other issue is the zippers, but I have not had any problems with my zippers since I started wax them once a year. I have had to send my pack back several times for repairs (I'm extremely hard on my packs) and Badlands gets it back to me within a week or faster. Three years ago I purchased a Badlands sacrifice pack which is my primary pack. With the new pack I don't use my 2200 nearly as much but I always have it at base camp.

i have the badlands 2200 and have packed out a few elk with it and it carries a heavy load really well. i use mine for my daypack/packin pack as it fits me great and i can shoot very well with it on.

From: Ermine
Not one of the two listed but I'd get a kifaru. Spike camp or late season

From: Mule Power
That IS a deal breaker for me. Being able to pack a quarter on the initial trip out is a must. I’ve packed a herd of elk with my BL 2200 and no complaints. The layout of compartments for use as an every day hunting pack is as good as it gets too. Their first model was nice but they listened to customers and the new version is just perfect.

From: Elkoholic
I have used the BL2200 as my day pack. It’s a little heavy but completely bomb proof. It’s nice to have a day pack that can bring out an initial load. It will hold a large hind quarter no problem and stays tight to the body although the load sits a little low. That’s where some of the bigger high end packs excel. Overall has worked great for me.

From: trophyhill
Yup. Agree on the Kifaru suggestion.....

I have a Kifaru and a BL2200. I still like the Badlands for a day pack in a lot of situations. It's bomb proof and very versatile.

i have the badlands 2200 and have packed a few elk out with it. no complaints, it puts all the weight on your hips like it should.

From: md5252
Not too get off track even further but how does the BL 2200 compare to the Exo 3500? Quality, comfort with heavy loads, customer service, etc? I know the Exo is more expensive but over the life of a pack cost is really a non issue for me.

From: wapiti1
I sent my abused superday pack and 2200 in to badlands last year for major repairwork they came back in like new condition. they reinforced the weak points, fixed broken buckles and sewed a new bottom on one No questions asked and 7 day turn around. Customer for life.

From: trophyhill
With BL's, you will test their CS and warranty dept's

Badlands all the way. Ive owned both. The tenzing seemed smaller. The badlands well its is bigger and will haul more gear and meat than the tenzing

Tensing for me, I have both. But, I am not hauling meat. I am a whitetail hunter who hangs a stand each time and I have found the pocket layout to be better and easier to work with.

From: Bloodtrail
Why don’t you just get the Tenzing 4000? I have that and it’s great. Does everything you can do with a smaller pack and opens up to put a quarter in it in its own separate compartment. And they are very reasonable for price. Really no down side.

From: wild1
I like BL products and their customer service is excellent. I've owned, both the 2200 and the SuperDay pack. Both are built well, but I only use the SuperDay for day hunts (but not for elk hunting). The 2200 didn't fit me and was very uncomfortable.

As with all packs, they need to fit you properly.

From: Padfoot
I just picked up a Tenzing TZ3000 and it looks like it will do the job. I usually use a large fanny pack with shoulder straps which has been great for my needs. But I needed something that would carry a bit more stuff and bridge the gap between the large fanny pack and a full on backpack. I looked at the 2100cu in sized packs and decided to go with one a bit larger. The side cinch straps (3/side) on the TZ3000 mean I can compress the pack to fit what ever Im carrying.

The price was right too, I paid $127 delivered and saw them at Walmart Online for $125. Seems like they are everywhere now that I bought mine...LOL

From: Mule Power
Badlands customer service is excellent. Friendly and fast. I sent my original 2200 in for repairs and I got a brand new one a week later with a note that said holy smokes you got some use out of the last one and we hope you’re lucky enough to get this one as bloody and beat up.

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