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Anybody hunt with Okeechobee Outfitters
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Sarah 22-Apr-16
Pete In Fairbanks 23-Apr-16
bghunter 23-Apr-16
Sarah 23-Apr-16
Mint 26-Apr-16
EIStone 26-Apr-16
From: Sarah
Can anyone recommend these guys for turkey, gator or hogs?

I hunted pigs and a gator with them several years ago. I paid a price I thought was fair (I negotiated it down from the asking price since they were having trouble booking a lot of hunts because of the economy), food was good and guides were personable. I consider it a good hunt.


From: bghunter
IF looking for Gator, check out Florida Bowfishing, been with him numeroous times for various species, just not gator yet.

ED is a great guy, good equipment and know his bowfishing, gator etc

From: Sarah
Thank you for the replies.

Would also like to do hog and turkey, not all on the same trip. Can be bow or gun. Any help would be appreciated.

From: Mint
Check out Osceola Outfitters, First rate all around.

From: EIStone
I hunted with Danny in 2012, saw quite a few wild pigs and shot an 8'gator. Great hunt at a reasonable price with good people,highly reccomend

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