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Hen near our set up question
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Scoot 24-Apr-16
grizzlyhunter 24-Apr-16
Brotsky 24-Apr-16
jims 24-Apr-16
Mad_Angler 28-Apr-16
g5smoke21 28-Apr-16
Scoot 28-Apr-16
stoneman 28-Apr-16
Ermine 28-Apr-16
Cazador 28-Apr-16
From: Scoot
A hen just walked near us and plopped down for a nap about 20 yards from the blind. Do I chase her away so she doesn't attract a tom away from us or do I leave her alone and reep the benefit of a live decoy? She's not in a spot where we'd get a shot if a tom came right to her. Plus we need a bird to be right at the decoys for my son to get a shot. Thoughts?

In my opinion I think there is nothing better than a live "DECOY" hanging around my set-up.

From: Brotsky
Let her hang around. We had two hang around for an hour on Friday and eventually a tom came in. He went right for the Jake decoy, didn't even look at the two hens right away.

From: jims
As mentioned above...nothing better than a live hen! get her to purr and you'll attract toms even better!

From: Mad_Angler
Agree with everyone so far.

And, no offense, but I'm sure that she is a much better caller than you...

From: g5smoke21
Leave her...if a tom comes to her mimic her yelps, cuts, clucks ect. and piss her off enough to lead him in

From: Scoot
Thanks guys, that's what I was thinking (mostly). I imagined a scenario where a tom came in and found the real hen a lot more attractive than a fake one and would wander off with her. However, your points all make sense- thanks!

From: stoneman
Scoot, also if you shoo her way, she will probably get alarmed and will likely putt on her way out which could effect other birds you cannot see or hear just yet.

From: Ermine
Doesn't get any better than a real decoy 20 yards away

From: Cazador
You'd be surprised. I was, I had a jake/hen set this year, and two bull dogs jakes out in the field. I called in a hen, and they paid no attention to her. It was all about the jake. They were kicking his ass and could care less about that walking real hen.

FYI, that hen showed up with a nice gobbler, and those jakes whipped his ass (tag team style) and the hen was in my set for minutes and the jakes simply didnt care. They wanted to kick the other jakes ass.

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