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DL 25-Apr-16
loopmtz 27-Apr-16
LINK 27-Apr-16
greg simon 27-Apr-16
From: DL

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The story behind this young man is tragic. He was accidentally shot by his father while turkey hunting and now is a paraplegic. He still gets out to hunt when he can but as you can imagine that has its limits. He posts calling videos on YouTube. He has got such a wonderful attitude considering what life has dealt him. I wish I had the money to buy him one of this off road wheel chairs and a fantastic turkey hunt. I can't imagine the load his dad is having to carry. Anyway here it is.

From: loopmtz
Pretty amazing!

From: LINK
Pretty cool.

From: greg simon
He has a nice tracked off road chair. I've met him a couple times at archery tournaments, really nice guy. He is great with my boys!

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