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Thumb up for BBC world news
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Paul@thefort 30-Apr-16
MNRazorhead 30-Apr-16
Paul@thefort 30-Apr-16
huntingbob 30-Apr-16
From: Paul@thefort
Interesting news story last night on BBC World News.

Subject: African elephants and their management.

The story stated that the elephant populations have been reduced by over 70 %.from its all time high. It showed that during some of the regional conflicts, many elephants were killed to feed the troops. Poaching and loss of habitat were also main causes.

In some areas, the utilization of Eco Tourism and animal watching was bring in moneys to help the management. BUT, and this is what caught my eye, was that in some other areas, HUNTING mature elephants, hunter dollars, converting poachers to game wardens/guides/trackers, money back to the villages to put a value on the elephants to help the economy of the areas, was presented in a very compelling way.

I gave the story a Thumb Up. My best, Paul

From: MNRazorhead

MNRazorhead's Link
Is this the one, Paul?

From: Paul@thefort
Exactly. Thanks for posting that.

Also, hunting of other wildlive in the region. Paul

From: huntingbob
Good post. Thanks for the link.

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